Shaheedi of Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Shaheedi

To listen to the entire katha of Their shaheedi (by Kavi Santokh Singh Ji in Gurpartaap Suraj Granth) would take 10 -12 hours. We urge you invest the time if you can as it is absolutely beautiful. (Source: Bhai Vishal Singh Ji – Shaheedi Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji – Parts 1-12)
Alternatively, please take the time to read the below and immerse yourselves in our rich and beautiful history.
General background saakhia to the life of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji

Guru Arjan Dev Jis shaheedi has become shabeela (giving out of cold drinks) vala gururab for our kids. Not many of our children and possibly even their parents could tell us what lead to maharaj sacrificing their life.


Its really important that we hear this fulll katha which could be up to 10 hrs! It’s a once in a life opportunity to read how Kavi Santokh Singh Ji tells us that this entire story unfolded.

Shabeels are not a bad thing. You will only find this seva in sikhi.
Our Guru stayed thirsty and now we feed the thirsty for days.
But ask why they are doing the shabeel .. and not many can tell you that behind the shabeels is a couldron of boilng water, a hot plate and hot sand.
Noone becomes a Guru on this world.. they are sent as a Guru right from the outset.
Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s whole body is filled with peace, shanti.
At the age of 14 Guru Ji went to Lahore on Guru Ramdas Jis bachan. Its during this trip to Lahore than Saee Mia Mir become their follower.
Guru Ramdas Ji asked his oldest son to attend a wedding in Lahore… But Prithi Mal responded, “oh Guru Ji, it’s too hot in Lahore!”
If Prithi Mal cannot bare the heat of Lahore, how will he sit on the hot plate?
Further Prithi states to Guru Ramdas Ji ” if I go, who will run the langar (free food service)?”
Guru Ramdas ji now turned and glanced at Dhan Guru Arjan  Dev Sahib Ji … “will you go?”
Yes father, whatever is your hukam responded Arjan Dev Ji.
Okay but there is a condition said Guru Ramdas Ji, “I do not want you to come back until I call you”
In Lahore Guru Ji does katha.  Saee Mia Mir sits in the presence of Maharaj and feels the peace from just listening to Their voice.
Every day the young Arjan hopes for a letter to arrive from Amritsar. He severly misses his father and his heart is going more and more into bairaag…tears fill maharajs eyes… so they write a letter to their father, to their Guru:
mera mun lochai gur darshan tayee…(1)
They send this letter to Guru Ramdas ji But Prithia manages to intercept the postman, takes the letter and promises that he will pass it on … but instead he secretly keeps it to one side.
After some time passed, Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji  still waiting for a response to their first letter, decide to write another:
Ik Gharee na miltai ta kuljug hota….(2)
Prithia got hold of this one letter too.
After even more time passes Guru ji send another letter but look at the shanti, the patience inside of maharaj 
… Dhan so des jaha too vasiya mere sujan meet morarai jio…(3)
This time Guru Ji tel the person who is taking the letter  “only give it to my father and not anyone else”.
Guru Ramdas ji upon receiving this letter, read it and they see the dried tear marks that stain the paper…  
At once they called Baba Budha Ji and say to them… “quickly go to Lahore and bring Arjan back to Amritsar”.
Meanwhile, Guru Ramdas Ji asked the postman “who has the first two letters?” Upon hearing his answer Guru Ji Prithi to bring Prithi into Darbar. 
Guru Ji asked Prithi to bring the other letters but he denied even having them!
On hearing his answer, Guru Ramdas Ji instructed a Sikh to go to Prithis room and search the left pocket of the chola that is hanging in his room and there you will find 2 letters. 
On the other side, Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji are waiting for a letter … instead they see a rath (carriage) coming in the distance. As it gets closer maharaj realises its Baba Budha ji. Guru Sahib Do namaskaar to baba ji as they are much older and ask with great eagerness, “do you not have a letter for me?” Baba Ji answers “I have no letter but Guru Ramdas ji sent me in person to come and get you!.”
When Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji came in front of ther father they did a lot of bairaag with their head on Guru jis feet… at this time Guru Sahib recited the last part of their 4 part letter:
 ‘Bhaag hoa gur sant milaiya’ (4)
By the word sant they refer to Baba Budha Ji who came to collect them from Lahore. … sant ne guru mila dita
Before leaving this world Guru Ramdas Ji sat teir youngerson Arjan on gurtaghadi.
Baba Budha ji were asked to help Guru Arjan Dev Maharaj to do ishnaan and put on new clothes. Guru Ramdas Ji then held their younger son from the arm and they themselves placed their son on the gadi.
All the sangata bowed in front of Guru  Ramdas Ji but on this day, Guru Ramdas ji bowed in front of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji Maharaj. 
Prithia had a lot of jealousy towards his younger brother and made many attempts to wind Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji up but once did he succeed. Never did Guru Sahib speak in anger or with a raised voice.
After Guru Ramdas jis joti jot, baba budha ji was placing the Guruship dastar on Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Jis head but Prithi came and took it from him!
With it he said “I thought you were a good person Baba Budha Ji but even you have sided with Arjan too.”
But Baba ji responded, “Prithi Chand … no one becomes a Guru with a bit of cloth, take it if you want… that wont make you guru … Arjan has the jot from the moment your father bowed in front of him .. you can wear 5 dastaars if you like.. it will make no difference!”
This didnt stop PPrithi Chand though… he diverted all offerings for langar to his own home but sent all the congregation to his brothers house.  At one time, supplies became so short that Mata Ganga Ji had nothing other than a bit of besan flour to make langar …  with tears in her eyes… but remembering Guru Sahibs words that there is no happyiness in material things. Happiness can only be achieved through gods name.
Baba Budda Ji stepped in at this point, and informed sangata that Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji is the True King (Sacha paatshah) and encouraged sangata to go that way.
On another occassion, Prithi Chand even had forces sent from Lahore. But Guru Sahib said “we will not pick up arms, we will leave it all in vahegurus hands.”
And this was their approach right to the end never giving up their shaant and peaceful approach:
tera kiya meeta laagai
Prithi spent all his life trying to make Guru ji angry but he couldnt do it. We cant take it if someone say two words to us but look at how much patience and sehan sheelta Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji had.


Reasons for Guru Jis shaheedi

Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji  were blessing all sangata with their darshan in Darbar Sahib, Amritsar sahib and  Aad Guru  Granth Sahib Ji were also already parkash in Darbar Sahib. 

In Delhi on the other hand, Jahangeer was on the throne and in his court was a very influential official by the name of Chandoo Shah

There were many reasons for Guru Jis shaheedi but Kavi Santokh singh ji in Gurpartaap Sooraj Parkash Granth, start the shaheedi sakha from Chandoo who has no fear of vaheguru or vaheguru’s piarre.

Chandoo is a very wealthy man owning multiple homes in multiple cities. Everyone does sallaam to him / greets him and whatever he thinks should happen is what happens. 


Chandoo is full to the brim with attitude and ego (hankaar) thinking himself to be better than everyone else.

Chandoo has one daughter ‘Sada’ and one son ‘Ratan Chand’.  When his daughter is 7 years old Chandoo wants to find a good marriage partner for her as was customary is those times, Chandoo called the local Brahmin and Barber and said to them “we need to find a good match for my daughter!   I would like you to find a good match on 3 counts so don’t come back to me unless you find all 3 things…

* The family must be wealthy like I am

* They must be from an uchee kul … a high status family

* The boy should be very handsome.

Cutting a long story short the Brahmin and barber searched and searched, from house to house and from village to village however they could not find all 3 virtues in a single household. 

Where  there was wealth and a high status the boy was not good looking and where the boy was good looking there was no wealth and the pair were beginning to despair “what will we say to Chandoo!”-

The brahmin identifies a match for Chandoos daughter

One sikh family in Delhi then told the Brahmin that if this is your criteria then you should consider the son of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib ji in Amritsar where:

* money is limitless, 

* they are from  the high Sodhi Kul and

* Dhan Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji are the most handsome boy you will ever find. 

So the Brahmin and the barber went to Amritsar … 

For 2 days they just sat in sangat and took in all that was going on.

A lot of poeple did salaam to Chandoo albeit out of fear but here there was a lot of sangat that was coming to do namaskaar to Guru Ji  with pyaar and sharda (devotion).

Not only this, but when Siri Hargobind Sahib ji came into darbar, the brahmin was taken aback with how much respect they were given as all the sangata stood up out of respect!

At this time Guru Siri Hargobind Sahib ji was only 9 years old but already very tall and good looking. 

The Brahmin sought to create a rista between Chandoo and Guru ji. But Maharaj knows everthing about the past present and future … so they knew this rista was never going to happen but they didnt want to say yes or no to the brahmin. Insead they kept repeating that only that which  pleases vaheguru will come to pass.


Chandoo slanders the house of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji

When the brahmin went back to Chandoo he gave Chandoo congratulations saying that he and the Barber had found the perfect match for Chandoos daughter 


But Chandoo spoke with such arrogance!

He had hankaar/ego of his high status and of his wealth.


He went on to slander the Gurus house by saying 3 times over that “I am like the brick from a chaubara (highest room on a building) … theres no one higher than us!  You have put the brick of a chaubara in a moree / foundation/ gutter??”


Chandoo felt that Guru Ji were lower than him saying that they live off offerings from their followers!


When Sikhs of Lahore heard about what Chandoo said regarding Guru Jis house they wrote a letter straight away to Guru Arjan Dev ji to do benti/plea “pls do not do your sons rista  in the house of chandoo as he speaks very badly about the House of Guru nanak”. 



Chandoo was not happy about the rista but his wife manages to persuade him to agree to it… “its not like we have any other offers. Noone will take our daughter now that she has been offered to and rejected by the Guru. We don’t want to keep our daughter in our own house all our lives do we?”


Chandoo agrees with his wife and says to the Brahmin what you have done is done and we have no choice now but to press ahead with the marraige.


So, after a couple of days the Brahmin heads back to Darbar Sahib and at the end of the amrit vela programme just as the Brahmin is doing the preperations for sagan (to finalise the link between the two families), a sikh arrives in darbar with a letter from the Lahore sangat. He does namaskaar and hands the letter to Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji saying this is from the Lahore sangat please read this letter alone and to one side  but please do so before you progress with the sagan.


Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji reject the rista

Maharaj read the letter and then came back into the divaan and everyone could see that their facial expression had changed.


Even the Brahmin realised that things are starting to go wrong and so he tried to get the sagan to happen more quickly but Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji said to the Brahmin with great nimarta (humility) .. the truth is that our family cannot match that of Chandoo… he is a very high man of great status. 


Had we been in maharajs position we would have said a lot more! …. assee larkai vale aa or how dare Chandoo say these things about us etc …  But  maharaj remained completely shaant /calm.


Guru Ji suggested that a rista suits when it is does between 2 sides that are a good match for one another. 


“We are a low family and we should find a similar family with which to do a rista. Please ask Chandoo to look after his chaubarai and his dhan/wealth and please find him another rista from a family that matches his wealth and status. We will find a  poor family like ourselves.


The Brahmin tried over and over to get Maharaj to agree to the rista as they were very worried now about what they will tell Chandoo and his reaction. But Guru Ji said “This decision is not mine… it has come from the sangat and I cannot go against their wishes.”


Vich Sangat Har Prabh Vasai Jeeo


Guru Ji receives alternative matches for their son Siri Hargobind

When maharaj said this bachan that we will find some poor family like ourselves Bhai Narayan Das from viaage Dulla stood up and said to Guru ji, “please consider my daughter.”  Narayan Das explained how he was a direct descendant of Bhai Paro Ji who did a lot of seva of Guru Amardas Ji to the point that Guru Amardas Ji offered them gurgadi but Bhai Paro said all I want is sikhi. So Guru Amardas ji blessed him and said that one day our families will be tied together as family.

Guru Sahib were very pleased and said Bhai parvaan hai, this is acceptable to us!

They had only just said the word parvaan when another sikh stood up Bhai Hari Chand ji… maharaj seeing as your in a happy mood! please also take the rista of my daughter too… Guru ji saw the sikhs sharda and again he replied, this is also parvaan.

Whilst Chandoos daughter will now receive no ristai, Guru ji received 2 ristai at that very moment there and then. 

In the house of Guru nanak dev ji … those who come forward with humility, they receive honour 


O patron of the poor, Lord of the worlld, You have put the canopy of Your Grace over my head


Merge me, the poor one, with You, O Lord


Chandoo fills the emporers ears against the house of Guru Nanak

On the other side now, Chandoo is building a great enimity with the house of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is doing his best to feed lies into the ears of Jahangeer and wants nothing more now than to see Guru Ji punished for rejecting his daughter. He feels maharaj has done his bezti / dishonour by refusing his daughter and that he has no izat / respect left as no one will accept his daughters hand in marriage now.

He tells Jahangeer that Guru Sahib keeps the company of thieves! (Referring to Sikhs of high spirituality!)

He also told Jahangeer that Guru Ji has fed food to Kusro.  

(Kusro was the Grandson of Akbar and the son of Jahangeer.  He had somewhat good darmic qualities and Akbar wanted to see Khusro as the next king but Khusro  was beaten to throne by his own father Jahangeer).

Jahanger had told everyone that no-one must help Khusro otherwise they will find themselves in trouble, however at one time Khusro passed by Taran Taaran where Guru Arjan Dev ji were staying. Historians agree that Khusro did not even go to see Guru Ji but stil Chandoo filled Jahangeers ears that Kusro has got Guru Jis support, that he has been to see him. Guru Ji fed him and his army and even gave him money and that Guru ji put a tilak / mark on Kusros forhead to say you will become emperor one day! 

All these were lies made up by Chandoo just to try and make Jahangeer take action against the Guru’s house in revenge for his daughter’s hand in marriage that maharaj had rejected. 

It took Chandu about a year to get the emporer on side but eventually, Jahangeer agreed that Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji should be made to pay a fine of 200,000 ruppees and should also be called to Lahore to answer questions in Jahangeers court.


Jahangeer summons Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji to Lahore

Chandoo sent a  soldier to Guru sahib with a letter informing them of the 2 lakh fine and that Guru Ji should accompany the soldier  to Lahore so that they can be questioned by Jahangeer. 

Chandoo had filled the solgiers ears and told him to speak really rudely to maharaj and to even kick them should he get the chance!

However, cutting a  long story short,  when the solgier saw had darshan of Guru Sahb  he was instatly filled with peace and he actually fell in love maharaj and became a sevak. He showed so much pyaar /love for Guru sahib that Guru ji blessed him with a siropa!

When Maharaj read the letter that the solgier had brought they knew that the time was close now when they would need to leave this human form.

They sent the soldier back to Chandoo wth a message “there is no way we will pay any sort of fine with the sangats money and as for coming to Lahore I will come in the following few days of my own accord”.


Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj passes Guruship to Siri Hargobind Ji

After the soldier left, Maharaj called Baba Budha Ji who was 100 years old at this time, and Bhai Gurdas Ji and Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. 

Guru Arjan Dev Ji informed them “only a few days remain now until I will leave this sareer and so we need to make quick preparations to pass the gurta gadi (Guruship) to Siri Hargobind Ji.

Obviously, these Sikhs were very close to Guru Sahib and found this news very hard to accept but maharaj explained to them that it was the right time now and there should be no grieving and instead everyone should stay in Anand (bliss).


Listening to this news   Guru Sahib’s son, Siri Hargobind Sahib Ji eyes filled with tears and they said to their father “Maharaj, please change the circumstances, you have the power to do it”.
Hargobind Sahib Ji at this time were just 11 years old bt Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj responded: “even though one may have the ability to change things, the whole point is to stay in bhana and accept Gods will as sweet.”


Gurtagadi was actually passed to Guru HGSJ that very night.

The Akaal Takhat sahib had not been built yet but the Kotta Sahib was there (which we can do darshan of even today and its now incorporated within Akaal Takhat sahib). 

This is where gurgadi was passed on and it was done in the presence of  Bhai Gurdas Ji, BB ji and GHSJ and of course Guru Arjan Dev ji maharaj

According to puratan maryada, Baba Budda Ji in a  hurry rubbed chandan together and in front of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji they placed a mark of Gurgadi on Siri Hargobind Sahib Ji. 

Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji told the 3 sikhs present to keep this ceremony hidden for now. “Dont tell anyone just yet. When the time comes, after I have left my sareer, you can tell all all Sikhs that Hargobind is my roop and that those who see us as one and the same will receive everything they could ever wish for!

Guru Ji further instructed Baba Budda Ji,…  Finalise the guruship ceremony after I have left this sareer in just a fewdays time. 

And this is exactly what happened. After Guru Jis shaheedi a hukamnama was sent to all sikhs calling them to darbar sahib and at this time Baba Budda  Ji tied the dastar of Guruship on Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. They placed  panj pesai and a coconut in front of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and did 3 parkarma and in this way the jot of Guru Nanak Dev ji was transferred from Guru Arjan Dev Ji ito Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.

Maharaj knows that the time for them to leave this human form has come and so they pass the Gurtagadi to their son (Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji) but ask Baba Budda ji and Bhai Gurdas Ji to keep this gupt (hidden) until after their shaheedi.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji explained to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji how they wanted them to move forward as the 6th Guru. The instructions included:

-Live like a king

-Establish a throne (takhat)

-Teach Sikhs warfare (Shashter vidiya)

-Keep an army

-Bring those who do wrong to justice

Maharaj went to see Mata Ganga Ji and told them that they would be leaving their body soon. Mata Ji asked if she could follow them to Sachkhand as she couldn’t envisage life without them but Maharaj refused. They told her she had huge responsibilities here and must continue the seva until called to Sachkhand.

Maharaj then selected 5 Sikhs with great dheeraj (patience) to accompany them on the journey to Lahore. They were:

-Bhai Bidhi Chand ji

-Bhai Jaita Ji

-Bhai Langaha ji

-Bhai Prana Ji

-Bhai Paerta Ji

Maharaj informed them that they would travel to Lahore together but the Sikhs would travel back alone. Maharaj explained they will be leaving this human form whilst there. Guru Ji told them that they would witness EVERYTHING, but to keep dheeraj and then come back to share with the Sangat all that they would witness. Whilst in Lahore they were instructed to only watch how the story unfolds and not to say or do anything.

Despite how significant this final trip was, Maharaj still carved out time for his pyare. They stopped at the house of Bhai Sudhoo Ji …. a poor Sikh who did a constant Ardaas for Maharaj to stay one night in his house so that he may do their Seva.

Once Maharaj arrived at the court he was challenged by Jahangeer: “Who is bigger and better, the Hindus or the Muslims?” Maharaj explained that only the name of Vaheguru is big… whoever attaches himself to that naam – be it Hindu, Muslim or anyone will be the highest of all.

Chandoo convinced Jahangeer to allow him to take Maharaj to his house by saying he would collect the fine and forward it on to Jahangeer. He also wanted to make Guru Sahib accept his daughter’s hand in marriage for their son. Jahangeer agreed and left for Delhi.

Maharaj spent this night in Chandoo’s house which was split into two sections – family quarters and a torture chamber. It’s no surprise where Chandooo took Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj. The 5 accompanying Sikhs were also tied up.

Chandoo took Guru Arjan Dev Ji to a room a little distance from the Sikhs and told his soldiers: “Stand close to Guru Sahib with your spears. Do not allow him to sleep and do not give him any food or water… Keep the doors to this haveli closed so the Sikhs are not alerted to his presence.” Chandoo himself went to sleep thinking a night of torture would scare Guru Ji into accepting his marriage proposal.

411 years ago, to the day, this is what Maharaj endured overnight. Whilst we were tucked up safely in our beds, Maharaj and His Sikhs were unable to sleep for a second.

In the morning (411 years ago today) Chandoo came in anger and sat in front of Guru ji.

“Now, listen to me carefully. I can do anything! You refused my daughter’s sagan… Do you know who I am?? How many times did I ask you to accept my daughter? Twice I sent people to you. What do you know about how much worry this has caused me?

Forget accepting the rishta… in your audience, I was called a dog!” “But even now, despite all of this,” says Chandoo; “Everything can be put right if you accept my daughters rishta, I will let you go.”

Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj spoke without fear… “Since when have you been sitting with the hope of giving your daughter to our house? Your family are very respected like a chaubara (the highest room within a house). We are in the gutter in comparison. Are these not your words? That’s why a person of a low status should marry someone with a similarly low status and those of high status should seek someone like themselves… I will not change this decision, the wishes of the sangat cannot be ignored.”

Chandoo turned red with rage. He instructed the soldiers that no water or food should go anywhere near Guru Sahib. “Make him pay 1 lakh for every drop of water and every second of sleep!”

Guru Sahib Ji replied, “do not worry Chandoo I have no intention of eating any food from your house. From today I will not sleep, nor will I eat or drink anything. I will sit in this one location, and you are free to do whatever you want to.”

Chandoo left the haveli and Maharaj sat in smaadi for all of today and all night too.

Chandoo came back to his house where he was holding Guru Ji and the 5 Sikhs. He didn’t use the main entrance, opting to use the internal connection between the two places instead. He was intent on weakening Guru Ji’s resolve as if Guru Ji was just an average man who could be broken.

On this day, Chandoo again tries to convince Guru ji to accept his daughter’s rishta. “I haven’t been able to sleep in peace for such a long time now. You have ruined our reputation. My daughter is sat at home and no one is willing to give her a rishta as she has been tainted with your rejection.” But Guru Ji did not even honour Chandoo with an answer. They are Nirbau and Nirvair. Everything They wanted to say on this matter has already been said.

Chandoo demanded a big cauldron and had it filled with water…   “I will make you burn!” he said to Guru Ji “Just like you have made me burn with shame.”

They heated the water and a placed a lid on top to make it boil faster. Maharaj was then ordered to remove their chola and sit in the boiling water.

It is hard to even stand near such a cauldron and even more so in the burning months of May and June. It must have been smoking from all sides and boiling hot steam rising into the air from the top. First Maharaj would have stepped onto the brick and then when they placed their charan into the water we cannot even imagine what that must have been like… Maharaj sat themselves down in the boiling water in a seated position (chanukra) and focused his attention on Vaheguru’s lotus feet (charan).

The same Satguru who would have walked on a silk pathway. That same Satguru who would have a Chaur Sahib and a Chandoa Sahib over their head. That same Satguru was now sat in this boiling hot water.

Bhai Prana Ji at once stood up and ran over to Guru Ji crying: “Maharaj why have you gone into this Cauldron?” He went right up to the cauldron and wants nothing more than to remove Guru Ji from there immediately. He wanted to kill Chandoo for his evil deeds but the soldiers surrounded Bhai Prana Ji and beat him with sticks.

Bhai Prana Ji asked Guru Sahib for permission to show his powers. “Guru Ji, you must be in so much pain?? I will take Delhi in one hand (where Jahangeer is based) and Lahore in the other (where Chandoo lives) and like a person claps, I will smash these 2 places against one another. It will take but a second. Why endure such a pain? Even if you don’t want to speak, just give me a signal and it will be done!”

Guru Arjan Dev Jee patiently reminded Bhai Prana Ji. ‘Do you not think I have all these powers too? Your duty is to sit and watch everything but you must not interfere.” Other than this short conversation with Bhai Prana Ji only one thing could be heard from Guru Ji’s voice:

Tera Keeya meeta laagai (Your actions Oh Lord, seem so sweet to me.)

But the sight was unbearable for the Sikhs and they sat with their heads down unable to watch. It is ironic that Guru Arjan Dev Jee was totally calm whilst sat in the boiling pot of water whilst Chandoo was burning internally standing on the sidelines.

Maharaj sat in the cauldron of boiling water for 3 pehars (9 hours). Just think, our skin goes wrinkly on our hands even if we have them soaked in cold water for a short amount of time. It is not even possible to share what Maharaj’s body must have been like after 9 hours in boiling water.

That day, Chandoo’s daughter-in-law (a daughter of a Sikh, Har Das of Gwalior) found out what her father-in-law was up to in the adjoining building. When she heard of the torture Maharaj was enduring her heart felt like it had been pierced with a sharp knife. Her parents worshipped Guru Arjan Dev Ji and she had had darshan of Guru Sahib when she was younger. She couldn’t help thinking that she must have a done a huge sin in her past life to have been married into such an evil household. Once all the family were asleep, she sneaked out to have the darshan of Guru Sahib. She took some sweet water and food from the house to feed her Satguru along with jewellery which she knew would be needed to bribe the soldiers to allow her in.

It was on this night 411 years ago that she would have snuck out to have darshan of Guru ji. Seeing Their entire body covered in blisters she broke down and cried. “Maharaj, it was my great fortune that I was the daughter of a Sikh but it is my bad karam that I am now the daughter-in-law of Chandoo paapi!” “Please bless me, please have mercy on me and make my relationship with this evil household come to an end.” “I am your servant,” she pleads with Guru ji. “Please bless me with your compassion and mercy.”

In this dimly lit room, Maharaj congratulated the Bibi for keeping faith in the Guru and Sikhi and tells her that her Seva is Parvaan (accepted) but Maharaj refused to eat or drink anything from the house of Chandoo. Dhan is Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji who heard the pleas of Chandoo’s daughter-in-law and saved her just like Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji would go on to save Mata Kaula Ji from her abusive father. “You are not the daughter of a Sikh, you are my daughter now and if you wish for your salvation then in 2 days when I leave this body I will take you with me.”

Imagine how amazing it is that Maharaj would have gone to Sachkhand receiving jai jai kaar (congratulations) from all the devtai (gods and goddesses) and with them would have walked Chandoo’s daughter-in-law! Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji!

Maharaj explained that after His departure, Chandoo’s family would be uprooted by the Sikhs and they would receive a lot of pain and burn in hell. (This is exactly what happens. After Guru Ji’s Shaheedi, Chandoo’s wife ends up begging and his son went on to die in battle – killed by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji).

Apne Sevak kee Aape Raakhai (He Himself preserves His servants)

Maharaj told Chandoo’s daughter-in-law to keep all of this gupt and not to share it with anyone. Having heard all the bachan from Guru Ji, Chandoo’s daughter-in-law begged Maharaj to take her with them and to bless her with the courage to leave her body when the time came.

In this way, the 4th night in Lahore and the 3rd Night in Chandoo’s house also passed.

If only Chandoo knew that he couldn’t hurt Guru Ji – for this is the house of Guru Nanak Dev Ji – those who recite Guru Ji’s name, even they cannot be touched.

Japiyo jin arjan dev guru fir sankat jorn garab na aaiyo
Whoever meditates on Guru Arjun Dev, shall not have to pass through the painful womb of reincarnation ever again

Today, Chandoo conjured up a new plan… “I will have sand heated up and poured over their blistered body and when this hot sand touches their blisters, then maybe I can break Guru Jis resolve.”

When Chandoo came home he was enraged by seeing Guru Ji’s 5 Sikhs and shouted at Bhai Prana: “What is it you were saying yesterday? Were you trying to scare me? Do you want to kill me?” He ordered his soldiers to torture the Sikhs of the Guru more thus the soldiers started to beat the Sikhs with sticks.

When Chandu reached Guru Sahib he asked the same old questions over and over which Guru Ji refused to answer. In anger Chandoo said: “I will do with you as I please and know this, I will do even worse with your son.”

He ordered his soldiers to bring tonnes of sand and gave the order to have the sand heated. A particular Muslim man who works on the bhatee was called to carry out this task but he recognised Guru Ji and remembered that it was Guru Sahib who fed everyone langar and saved their lives when the plague hit Lahore. He refused to contribute to the torture. Chandoo threatened to have him and all his family killed if he didn’t comply so with a heavy heart the man was forced to carry out Chandoo’s order. He repeatedly did Ardaas in his heart for forgiveness.

(Note: Paintings usually depict the sand pourer as an evil mogul but when we look at our history we realise this was not actually the case).

Once the sand was hot, Chandoo asked for the lid to be removed so that sand can be extracted. Kavi Santokh Singh Ji writes: “he was not lifting a lid from the container but he was lifting the lid off of hell – such will be the pain chandoo will suffer forever and ever.”

Maharaj sat for 6 hours whilst hot sand was poured over them.  Some say a sheet of hot sand was placed under them too. The sand lodged into Guru Sahib’s blisters.

Bhai Langha Ji and Bhai Paerta ji got up today… they couldn’t help themselves. They put their hands forward to try and prevent the sand from falling on Guru Ji and shouted: “please, put it on us instead of Guru Ji.”

Night 5 in Lahore, Night 4 at Chandus house.

Yesterday Maharaj Ji’s chola was removed and they wore just their kashera and small Dastaar. Today maharaj were left in the room with only their kashera covering their body.

Now Maharaj has no Dastaar due to the hot sand being poured over their head. But for 6 hours they were one with vaheguru despite what was happening to them.

That night, after Chandoo had gone home, numerous gupt rooha (hidden|invisible souls) come in front of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj.

-Various Devtai came to maharaj and begged for permission to take action

-84 Sidhs came with their leader Gorak Naath seeking the same.

-Even Sai Mian Mir came in gupt saroop. He fell to the floor in front of maharaj crying in bairaag and begging for permission to smash Lahore and Delhi to pieces.

Sun keha satgur meea. Shodoor preeti chaam se 
Listen, said satguru, Oh Meea. Let go of your attachment to my body

kiya hooa tun tup riha. mun shannt hai hari naam se
What does it matter if my body is burning, my heart is at peace through the name of the Lord

They all wanted Guru Ji to give them the permission to destroy Delhi and Lahore but Guru Ji refused saying: “what is the fault of all the innocents that will die? We must allow things to continue in the will of God and no one must interfere.”


Guru Ji and the Sikhs have had nothing to eat or drink for days. In fact, their last meal was at the house of Bhai Sudhoo Ji. Sand is now stuck to the blisters that covered Maharaj’s body.

Chandoo feels that all his actions are futile. He thinks: “Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji is not afraid at all! Everything I am doing is wasted. They have not even uttered a single word from their mouth.” He thinks: “Hunger and thirst haven’t done the trick, hot water hasn’t worked, neither has hot sand…” On this day, 411 years ago Chandoo decided to make Guru Ji sit on a hot plate. “Just say once that you accept the rishta.” but Guru Ji did not answer.

Chandoo ordered his men to bring a tava … (a hot metal sheet traditionally used to cook chappatis on) that was big enough for a person to sit on.

Even if we just think of the tava that we make parshada on, we would never be able to place even our hand on it.  When cooking, we carefully place the parshada on the tava and carefully take it off because if even one finger touches the tava, – even for only a millisecond, – it causes pain that can last for hours. But today Guru Ji sat in chaunkra (sitting with folded legs) on a burning hot tava for hours. (The tava was heated using over 1 tonne of wood). Bhai Santokh Singh writes that the tava was so hot it had turned red and smoke was coming out from all sides and filled the air. When it was burning hot, Chandoo asked for Guru Arjan Dev Ji to be brought out and told Guru ji to sit on the hot plate.

Guru Ji’s 5 Sikhs were unable to bear this sight. Today, Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji who had stayed quiet up until now spoke up and said to Maharaj: “Please, bless me, allow me to sit in your place”. But straight away Maharaj reminded Bhai Bidhi Chand about the promise to keep patient.

It is very hard to hear this katha. How much pain did the 5 Sikhs feel who had to watch this scene? There are also those that will do shanka, create doubt and say how is it possible to survive 9 hours in boiling water, 6 hours of burning hot sand and now 3 hours on the hot plate?

Giani Sher Singh from Ambala shared a story about an elderly Singh who was born into a Hindu family but later became a Sikh. His name was Indermohan Singh. One day a Christian priest said to Indermohan Singh: “You are very poor. Why don’t you become a Christian preacher and we will give you 50,000r and a car?

What is it that is so special about Sikhi?”

Indermohan Singh who was a great scholar responded: “With the first nail, Jesus said: ‘Oh Lord, I am your son look what is happening to me, where are you? Why have you forsaken me?'” This line from the Bible makes two things very clear. Firstly, that Jesus could not see Vaheguru in all places. If he could see Him he would not have said these words ‘where are you’. Also, he almost accuses Vaheguru by saying ‘look what is happening to me’. “Dear priest listen to the saakhi of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji” said Indermohan Singh. “They remained seated on a hot plate for 3 hours but not once did they ask why is this happening.”

 Olahno mai kahoo na deeo

 I don’t blame anyone else

Mun meeth tuharo keeo

Whatever You do is sweet to my mind 

Guru Ji stayed in Gods will and said: “Tera Keeya Meeta laagai

Maharaj already has blisters all over His body with sand stuck to them. Today on the hot plate,  Maharaj’s skin has burnt and Maharaj’s face is covered in the dark smoke that had been flying around for 4 days. However, Maharaj sat completely still,  absorbed in the Lords Name. And to think that we cannot sit in Darbar on a soft carpet for more than a few minutes without fidgeting and looking around!

It would be fair to say that by day 4, half of Guru Ji’s sanskaar (cremation) has been done while they were still alive.

After 3 hours Maharaj came off the tavee and Chandoo was at his wit’s end. He has no idea what else to do to break Guru Ji. Nothing was having an effect and he realised he was losing the battle.

Guru Ji was obviously such a huge entity but those who read their Bani receive amazing shakti (power) too.

It is said that Baba Jowala Ji (Harkovaal wale) used to read a lot of Bani. One time during the days of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji’s shaheedi they were in the langar hall and they had a veechar, a thought in their mind – what must it have been like for Maharaj to go through all these tortures? All of a sudden,  in that area where the parshade were being made, Baba Ji picked up a piece of burning coal and placed it on their leg but carried on reading Gurbani. When the Sikhs around them recognised the smell of burning skin they came running over and saw what was happening and used something to move the piece of coal off Baba Ji’s leg … but Baba Ji had felt nothing. They asked Baba Ji what happened and Baba Ji responded that a Sikh should never do shanka (doubt)  on Guru Ji’s shaheedi.

Similarly, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji’s jatha used to go far and wide to do katha. One time they went to Orissa and there a man by the name of Gurmukh Singh took Amrit and started to stay with Baba Ji at Mehta. One day, Baba Gurbachan Singh were very happy and they asked each of the Singhs what they would like. When it was Bhai Gurmukh Singh’s turn he said Baba Ji when you leave this world please take me with you! When Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji’s sankaar (cremation bed) was being prepared and the pyre was lit, Gurmukh Singh prepared himself. He bathed, wore new clothes, did Japji Sahib, and even read his own Sohila Sahib. Then he calmly walked straight into the funeral pyre entering from the end where Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji’s feet were. In front of thousands, Gurmukh Singhs sanskaar took place while he was alive. There were no screams… He can be seen sitting in chaukara.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 09.36.13

Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji are the highest of the high! But even people who repeat Guru Ji’s name or read Gurbani are able to reach amazing avasthas (spiritual levels).

Now Chandoo was thinking what to do now? he’d never had to use such severe torture on anyone else before.

5th and final night at Chandoo’s house.

That night, Chandoo went home and again during this night Maharaj was absorbed in the name of Vaheguru. They didn’t need to do bandgi (worship) but they were teaching us a valuable lesson. No matter what our situation, good or bad, never let go of Maharaj’s name. Despite everything they had been through,  Maharaj recited Bani out loud so that even the 5 Sikhs could hear them.

We only have to get the common cold and use it as the perfect excuse to cut down our nitnem but Dhan is Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji.

Chandoo’s daughter-in-law came to Maharaj again this night and said: “I cannot wait another day to leave this world.” Maharaj replied: “be patient we will go tomorrow”.

No one can say that Chandoo made Guru Ji Shaheed as Maharaj left their body of their own will.

Why sit Maharaj in a boiling cauldron? Because hunger and thirst did not affect them. Why pour hot sand over them?

Because the boiling water could not affect them. Why sit Them on the tavee? Because the hot sand could not affect them.

On this 5th day, Maharaj finally spoke to Chandoo to say; “I would like to have ishnaan in the Ravi river and my 5 Sikhs need to go with me”.

Chandoo thought for a moment and then agreed. The water of the Ravi is very cold and when the cold water touches Maharaj’s body it would cause them a lot of pain and so for this reason he agreed to let Maharaj go to do ishnaan.

On this day, Maharaj left their body and only had their kashera and a white sheet around them. Maharaj tied a small dastar. We can only imagine the state of their body and sees (head) which had hot sand poured over it for 6 hours continuously and endured many other pains.

Historians agree that it was just before lunch time today that Maharaj set off towards the river Ravi.

10 soldiers surrounded Guru Sahib and the 5  Sikhs and Maharaj walked in the middle. Chandoo had given strict instructions to the soldiers to keep a close eye on the group and to not let anyone speak to them.

Physically, Maharaj’s face and body had suffered from the torture but their mind and soul remained untouched thus they were in chardikala. Maharaj was unable to walk unaided so Bhai Bidhi Chand and Bhai Paerta ji assisted them. Maharaj put their hands on the shoulders of the Gursikhs and started to walk to the river Ravi.

Maharaj had covered much of their body with the sheet but even their face could not be recognised now. Maharaj was told to leave through the small entrance out towards the river rather than going out through the main entrance. But people were everywhere and were looking and wondering who is this in such a bad state? Despite Maharaj’s face being covered with blisters, people begin to realise who it was that was walking and broke down in tears. Slowly more and more sangat joined to walk behind Maharaj.

When Maharaj got close to the Ravi the Sikhs helped Guru Ji to do ishnaan. Maharaj did many choolai (rinsing out their mouth). This is the first time water would have gone into their mouth since they had langar at the house of Bhai Sudhoo Ji so many days ago. Bhai Langaha Ji took water in his hands and washed Guru Ji’s charan/ feet.

The Sikhs cleaned Maharaj’s body the best they could gently dusting off the sand with a dry cloth.

Maharaj then said to his Sikhs – “you also wash your hands, feet and faces.” Now what Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji did was amazing… They themselves did a complete Japji Sahib da paat while the Sikhs and sangata listened. We struggle to read Bani when we are fit and well but here Maharaj, despite everything that has happened recited Japji Sahib with their own rasna (voice).

This is that Bani, that if read with love, can give us mukti (liberate us). Maharaj is already mukhat but they read this Bani out loud to give mukhtee to those around them.

Now Guru Sahib asked the 5 Sikhs to read Bani saying: “I have read Japji Sahib out loud for you now please read aloud for me too.”

Upon bhog of Japji Sahib, everyone bowed their heads and did namaskaar with love. So by now, six Japji Sahibs had been read and Bhai Baavuk Ji (Guru Jis Rababi sikh) had also arrived and Maharaj asked them to play Raag Maru on the rabab. As Bhai Baavuk Ji started to play Raag Maru. Maharaj themselves did Keertan of the Shabad that appears on Ang 100 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:

Sevak kee ortak nibhee preet

 The love which the Lord’s servant feels for the Lord lasts forever.

 Jeevat sahib sevio aapna chalte raakhio cheet

In my life, I served my Lord and Master, and as I depart, I keep Him enshrined in my consciousness.

Maharaj is one with Vaheguru but they refer to themselves as the sevak, the servant. Maharaj often used to do Keertan in Darbar Sahib and today was their final Keertan haazri in this human form.  Whilst doing keertan, Maharaj slowly lay on the ground and covered themselves with the white chadur (cotton sheet). The Sikhs and Sangat were doing lots of bairaag (very saddened) but now Maharaj of their own accord on the 5th day left their body to go to Sachkhand.

Devtai (gods and goddesses) came to get Maharaj Jis sooksham sareer (soul) and placed flowers on Maharaj Ji’s body. They were doing Jai Jai Kaar (celebrations and congratulations) as Maharaj’s soul travelled to Sachkhand where They received a huge welcome.

 Jotee jot ralee sanpooran theeaa raam

One’s light blends with the Light, and one becomes totally perfect.

On the other hand, Chandoo had been waiting for Maharaj to return and eventually, fed up of waiting went to see what was happening at the river. As he got close he noticed Maharaj lying down and had covered their body. He assumed Maharaj was asleep as he had not let Guru Ji sleep for 5 nights and 5 days. Chandoo shouted in anger: “Get up! Why are you sleeping?!”

Bhai Bidhi Chand arose and replied in bir ras (warrior spirit)… “Maharaj told us not to say a word but now they have gone, I can tell you that you are a great paapi / sinner and you will pay a heavy price. You can try as hard as you like, but you will not escape!”

Someone whispered into Chandoo’s ear to flee and he quickly returned to his home to find people have gathered there too. At the same time Maharaj left their body, Chandoo’s daughter-in-law also fell to the ground. She had asked Guru Sahib to take her with them when they left for Sachkhand as she didn’t want to remain in such a sinful family. Her desire had been fulfilled. Chandoo is shocked at how she could die all of a sudden when she wasn’t even ill. How fortunate was she, that she was able to take this final journey with Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji.

Throughout Lahore, people began to hear about what had occurred. Sangat quickly ran towards the river to try and do darshan of their body. Many people bought gifts for Maharaj’s body such as flowers and sehrai…. Sangata had darshan of Guru Ji’s 5 Sikhs but they were in a lot of bairaag and kept their heads down. They wanted to know how Maharaj left their body and Bhai Bidhi Chand told the Sangat what the paapi had done to Guru Ji’s body. He explained: Maharaj gave us Hukam to place their body into the Ravi river rather than cremate it. They also gave bachan “you will be able to receive our darshan from the Ravi river.”

It is said that Maharaja Ranjit Singh always used to have ishnaan in the Ravi river on his way to Lahore and he would say that: “today my body has touched that of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj,” such was his love and faith.

The sangat sat by Maharaj’s body at the edge of the river and continued with Vaheguru Jaap.  Chaur Sahib was done over their body by Bhai Prana Ji and everyone was trying to get a glimpse of Maharaj. Some were doing keertan, some were reading Japji Sahib and some were attempting to control their bairaag by taking deep breaths. The sangat brought dushalai (beautifuly embriodered cloths) and one loving Sikh even brought a cholla for Maharaj. Very slowly and carefully ishnaan of Maharaj’s body was done. The 5 Sikhs who travelled with Maharaj tied their dastaar and dressed them in the new cholla. Many dushalai were placed on Guru Ji.

The water was flowing very fast and many Sikhs were worried that the fast water may hurt Maharaj’s body, such was their sharda.

One poet writes,

 Ravi dea paania tu tokhra na maar ve

Oh water of the Ravi, do not flow too fast 

mahee de sareer ute shaalai beshmaar ve

my beloved’s body is completely covered in blisters

Now the 5 Sikhs, Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji, Bhai Langaha Ji, Bhai Prana Ji, Bhai Paerta Ji and Bhai Jaita Ji are right by the river’s edge, the Sikhs placed Maharaj onto a beautifully decorated beban (wooden construction used for carrying the deceased) and lifted Maharaj onto their shoulders and entered the river. They didn’t want to let go of Maharaj and release Them into the river but with tears rolling down their faces, obeying Guru Ji’s Hukam they slowly move out to one side.

At first, everyone could see Guru Ji’s sareer (body) but then all of a sudden it disappeared and Guru Ji and the river became one. Noone could see Maharaj anymore.

The Sangat were doing a lot of Bairaag and slowly they began to head back to Lahore and sat in the Dharamsala where Guru Ramdas Ji had came into this world. Bhai Jaita Ji asked the rababi Sikh, Bhai Baavuk Ji to do keertan.

Now the 5 Sikhs attention moved to getting back to Amritsar and they were worried about how they were going to go back to Amritsar and how they could possibly face everyone without Maharaj. They were like an army that returns home having lost a battle. They returned to Amritsar hiding their faces in their hands not wanting to share what they had witnessed in Lahore.

Tomorrow we will summarise what happened in the days and weeks after Guru Sahib’s Shaheedi.

Despite being half cremated whilst alive remember how Guru Sahib went on to do Japji Sahib themselves. May Maharaj give us even an iota of such devotion that we have the ability to keep our faith too.

Let us spend today remembering Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji. Remembering how their devotion and love to Gurbani, their love for Vaheguru’s Hukam in the face of adversity, their love for all of humanity and their supreme sacrifice has inspired the lives of all forevermore.

Let us remember Guru Ji every day with pyaar and faith and They will always look out for us, their children.

So what becomes of Chandoo?

Paapi ko maarne ko paap maha bali hai 

Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee went on to capture Chandoo and they asked Baba Budha Ji to tie him up like you would a dog. A rope was tied around his neck and a ring was put into his nose.

Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji said to Satguru Jee: “Chandoo walked the streets of Lahore with such arrogance and ego. I would love to walk him around the streets of Lahore like one walks a dog!” Maharaj said to Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji. “As you wish but do not beat him so much that he dies too quickly.” But many Gursikhs say that Bhai Bidhi Chand would often beat Chandoo with a shoe, hitting him in his head when Maharaj was not looking! The 5 Gursikhs said that at that time we had to stay peaceful as that was their Guru’s order but now they made Chandoo beg for his life and also instructed every person that lived in Lahore to come and hit him on the head with their shoe.

The Sikhs took Chandoo to the shop which was owned by the man who had been forced to put hot sand onto Guru Ji’s body and head. The Sikhs said to this man: “Here, take your revenge on Chandoo and hit him with your shoe.” That man replied “oh no… I have another way I would like to settle this score! I told him I did not want to put the hot sand on Guru Ji but he forced me to do it. This is the pouring utensil (karsha) he made me pour it on with.”. He took hot sand from his shop and poured this onto Chandoo paapis head himself. Chandoo screamed in pain. The shopkeeper said: “Oh sinful man, you have had only 1 karsha full of sand on your head yet you made me do this for 6 hours straight on Guru Arjan Dev Jee and They did not make one sound.” The man was so angry, he turned the pouring utensil (karsha) around and pierced the sharp handle into Chandoo’s body.

Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji gave instructions to leave Chandoo’s dead body in Lahore’s main junction. It lay there for 3 hours with flies all over it but no one went near the body. In the end, Chandoo’s body was thrown in the same pile that dead dogs were thrown into.

Even today many walk on this earth who do beadbi of Guru Ji’s saroop and they will suffer the same fate as Chandoo.

Let’s spend these days remembering Guru ji and everything they have done for us.

Guru Ji’s Shaheedi brought a big change in this kaum (sikh faith) and birth was given to the principles of miri and piri, soldier and Saint!

Maharaj didn’t give their shaheedi because they refused a rishta… Maharaj could have changed the circumstances however they wanted to HOWEVER they are Shaheeda de Sirtaj. Their Shaheedi was to make us who we are today, to make us saint soldiers. Their Shaheedi took place so that Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji could teach the Sikhs martial arts, horse riding and shashter vidiya.

100% Maharaj gave their shaheedi for you and me and we should never forget that.

Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji

Dhan Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji

Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru pyare

Apologies for the numerous mistakes we have made whilst writing up this katha. Bhula dee maafi bakshash karnee ji 🙏

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Sukhmani Sahib – Part 40


sant kai dookhan sukh sabh jaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, all happiness vanishes.

We should never do nindiya (speak falsely or negatively) of anyone. Especially of Saints though. This is very damaging. How do you know what they said when you have heard it third hand from someone. Prithiya, chandu etc.. Did a lot of nindiya of Maharaj. They went and lied to Jahangir too. They all had an awful life.

sant kai dookhan narak meh paa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one falls into hell.

sant kai dookhan mat ho-ay maleen.
Slandering the Saints, the intellect is polluted.

Those who have stopped meditating in order to slander saints. There are two reasons for this:

If you have parents who never swear and speak very sweetly then their children also turn out this way. They never know how to swear and are very sweetly spoken.

In this age, most kathavachaks start on the topic of nindiya as soon as they sit down. Then obviously the sangat become affected by this and pick up these habits. Remember sangat are like children. Whatever path we take them down they will follow and believe. Thus we have a great responsibility. If nindiya is not a part of sikhi, why do we go down that route? We should just tell the sangat to to keep rehat, read Gurbani and do as much simran as possible. Is it because we don’t do it ourselves so don’t tell others to do it either? If you are a nindiak you will teach the sangat this too. If you talk about how everyone is bad then this will influence those listening. Don’t take this path.

We have got together here to jaap naam. To find contentment etc. Certainly, guru Arjan Dev Jee here is teaching us a wise lesson – do not slander the saints. If the world does nindiya, stay away and be different yourselves.

sant kai dookhan sobhaa tay heen.
Slandering the Saints, one’s reputation is lost.

Not to your face, but with people who do nindiya, often behind their back people will say, “he loves to slander. Try not to spend time near him”. If the person you are standing next to stinks of nindiya and jealously you won’t want to stand there.

sant kay hatay ka-o rakhai na ko-ay.
One who is cursed by a Saint cannot be saved.

Mahapursh don’t say much. There is a lot of power in their words. The guru’s never minded when someone did nindiya of them. They had nimarta and always showed compassion to that person. That is ehy Chandu was saved. He had said to guru arjan dev Jee, “the first 4 gurus were excellent. It is just you i don’t like.” Therefore Maharaj didn’t mind as he showed respect to the others. However, if you take Satta and Balwand it is a different story. They said that Guru Nanak was a nobody, they only reason they got any recognition was because of our Mardana. This is why maharaj got so angry with them. They said may you get keera and never be content. Guru 5 never said anything to chandu despite sitting them on a hot plate etc… But to the keertani there was a great backlash to them.

Gianni jee’s tiaji story – a person used to walk to a nearby village to get milk. Ever day their thia used to stone that person as a sport. Every day the man used to get hit by stones but couldn’t figure out who was throwing the,. Occasionally he would shout out to the person, please stop but never really said much more than that. One day, a stone hit their head quite badly and annoyed the man shouted out “may you forever find hardship in your life” (tu thakhe khiye ja) After that the thiya to this day had always faced intense hardships and will to his death. Over the years our family has met with many different saints and holy people trying to find a cure but to no avail. The Saints all say the same thing, “there is nothing we can do. The only reprieve can come from the man himself. He should have apologised then.” once someone drank that man’s milk. The man said, “don’t worry – you will regret that for the rest of your life.” and sure enough, he does regret it a lot.

When you upset someone. For a long time they say nothing but then you eventually feel their wrath

sant kai dookhan thaan bharsat ho-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one’s place is defiled.

The five vices take over your soul.

sant kirpaal kirpaa jay karai.
But if the Compassionate Saint shows His Kindness,

naanak satsang nindak bhee tarai. ||1||
O Nanak, in the Company of the Saints, the slanderer may still be saved. ||1||

Look at the power of Saints. With their kirpa, despite everything that is caused by being a nindiya, you can still be saved by the Saint.

If i was to give you sakhis with everything this katha would take forever. However i could name you lots of examples of this.

Your wasting time by doing nindiya. You could spend that time doing sukhmani sahib or mool mantar. Your answer should be that you don’t have time to do nindiya.

sant kay dookhan tay mukh bhavai.
Slandering the Saints, one becomes a wry-faced malcontent.

Once there was someone who had done a crazy amount of nindiya Of Guru Sahib. Once 4 bad slanderers visited a mahapursh. One of them must have said something really bad (as saints are very patient and polite.) and slapped the mahapursh.

Upon leaving straight away he fell onto his bed and when he arose his face had become disfigured (mukh bhavai). His family brought him back to the saint and asked him to fix his face. The mahapursh however said, “there is nothing i did or can do. He got angry, slapped me and Guru Nanak Dev Jee disfigured his face in return.” the family asked for kirpa and the mahapursh said don’t worry, let him do seva and he will be ok. Even now he does seva and when we speak to him and ask him about the slap he says he made a big mistake but just didn’t realise at the time what he was doing. Actually he got lucky because the other three that were with him paid the price with their lives.

There are a lot of different examples of this.

santan kai dookhan kaag ji-o lavai.
Slandering the Saints, one croaks like a raven.

There is a classic example to explain this line. In Panjab, in a pind called padaur. Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa was there with their jatha doing akhand paath di seva. The Singh who was due to do the next raul spoke to Sant jee and said, “my body is not well and I do not think i can carry out my raul. Please ask the Singh who is on the raul at the moment to cover my raul too.”

When it was time for the next raul, Sant Jee got someone to cover the singh who was just on raul temporarily so he could come up and sant jee could speak to him. Sant Gurbachan singh jee said: “the singh who is due to do a raul now is not very well, do you mind covering his raul too? the singh replied: “I have just barked like a dog for 2 hours and now you want me to carry on barking for another two?!” (hunni ta mai kookar mangu bhoonkai aiya dou ghantee lai)

Sant jee could never take anyone disrespecting Gurbani. After hearing this Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee said: “ok, not to worry, for the rest of your life now you will bark like a dog for 2 hours each day.”

Sure to form, this singh started to bark like a dog,each day for 2 hours every day. He lived until very recently and i saw this myself.

His leg also got cut off by a train and he walked around with one leg barking two hours each day.

santan kai dookhan sarap jon paa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one is reincarnated as a snake.

sant kai dookhan tarigad jon kirmaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one is reincarnated as a wiggling worm

Specifically A worm who spends its life in dirty areas (poo etc)

santan kai dookhan tarisnaa meh jalai.
Slandering the Saints, one burns in the fire of desire.

A sakhi from Guru Amar Das Jee’s time. There was a muslim who believed that the land Guru Sahib had at Goindwal was partially his. He went to Guru Sahib and demanded a cut of the the donations at Goindwal Sahib. Guru Jee said he could give him langar, a place to rest etc but could not give him the sangat’s money.

Angry, the guy decides to take his complaint to Akhbar. When he tells akhabar what is going on, akhbar is so so furious. He gets everyone in the court to take their shoe off and hit the guy over the head with it. Then he gets his advisors to dump him in the place where all the area’s excrement was kept. Everyone stopped talking to him. He burnt in the fire of his desires by slandering guru sahib.

sant kai dookhan sabh ko chhalai.
Slandering the Saints, one tries to deceive everyone.

sant kai dookhan tayj sabh jaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, all one’s influence vanishes.

not even a child wants to speak to such a person

sant kai dookhan neech neechaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one becomes the lowest of the low.

All respect for him dies off. No izzat left

sant dokhee kaa thaa-o ko naahi.
For the slanderer of the Saint, there is no place of rest.

No shelter or place of rest here or in the afterworld. Yet if he goes round in circles and then eventually comes back to maharaj and begs for forgiveness Maharaj will give it.

With Satta and Balvandh – Bhai Laddha jee risked everything and brought them back to Maharaj. Maharaj forgave the keertanis and told them to do Maharaj’s Ustad (sing the praises of God.) This is where Ramkali Kee Vaar comes from. This is how their bodies healed too.

BhaiLadha Satta and balwand

naanak sant bhaavai taa o-ay bhee gat paahi. ||2||
O Nanak, if it pleases the Saint, even then, he may be saved. ||2||

Saadhsangat can forgive you too.

A recent example, i used to do katha at a certain gurdwara. Each evening, as soon as katha started this drunk guy would come and start to make a lot of noise and heckle at the front. He would do this every single time katha would start thus disturbing the sangat. One day, after disturbing the katha the guy made his way to the shop to buy more alcohol. On the way he suddenly was unable to see and became blind. Maharaj must have punished him for his behaviour. Now he keeps coming to sangat to ask for forgiveness. When the sangat will forgive him then he will get better.

Never do nindiya of anyone in Saadhsangat. They may not do Japji Sahib or even Mool Mantar but they go to the Gurdwara and matha tekh to Maharaj. Their fortune is favourable in that respect (vade bhag aa). It is a side point that he doesn’t do paath, but have faith that this will come in time. But never speak badly of anyone. Make it a habit, when you see or think of someone, think – well at least he is a sevadaar of Guru Sahib. Once you get into the habit of judging a person you will eventually end up judging God. If you get into the habit of always speaking nicely of everyone you will naturally speak positively of Vaheguroo too.

Sabh Gobind hai, Sabh Gobind Hai . gobind bin nehi koi.

Tuhi tuhi, Vaheguroo, Tuhi tuhi Vaheguroo, Tuhi tuhi Vaheguroo, tuhi tuhi vaheguroo

Rasna japti tuhi tuhi, rasana japti tuhi tuhi.

Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo

Satnam Sri Vaheguroo Sahib Jee, Satnam Sri Vaheguroo Sahib Jee, Satnam Sri Vaheguroo Sahib Jee, Satnam Sri Vaheguroo Sahib Jee, Satnam Sri Vaheguroo Sahib Jee.

Everything is is naam. Those that do not jaap naam but look the part – they have nothing.

sant kaa nindak mahaa attaa-ee.
The slanderer of the Saint is the worst evil-doer.

There are 6 signs of a mahaa attaaee (worst evil doer)

  • liar
  • Slanderer
  • Cheat
  • Murderer
  • Thief
  • Partakes in kureits. (4 sins)

In a pind near Kadoor Sahib, there was a Chaudri called Makula who was a great paapi. The family decided to to take him to Guru Sahib to see if it would help him. First he wouldn’t agree but they finally persuaded him. Upon meeting Guru Sahib, Guru Jee advised him to stop drinking alcohol as this was what was making him worse. Guru sahib said that he stopped drinking then his mirgi(epilepsy) will finish. Sure enough the guy stopped drinking and the mirgi went away. Time went on then as late summer came and all his old friends got together, the chadari started drinking again with more force than ever. He started to drink from the mornings. One day, when he had drunk too much he climbed up onto the roof and started slandering Guru Sahib in a loud voice. He shouted that he had drunk again And nothing has happened to me. As soon as he said that the mirgi came back straight away. Then he fell off the roof to his death.

Just doing the paap of nindiya, sure enough bring more paap into your life. Remember, when we start even the smallest nindiya it snowballs. First it might be of a person. Then a gursikh. Then a sant. Then Guru Sahib. Then Vaheguroo. Then without any repentance just nindiya all the time, indiscriminately. Don’t do the paath of nindiya. Just don’t. We want to walk towards Brahmgyan, not the opposite way.

sant kaa nindak khin tikan na paa-ee.
The slanderer of the Saint has not even a moment’s rest.

Sukhmani Sahib – Part 39

Sukhmani Sahib Katha – Part 39

…Maharaaj Ji can make a bad person a good person and forgive their past actions…he can break or make your izzat in a flash…

man meh aap man apunay maahi.
He Himself is in the mind, and the mind is in Him.

naanak keemat kahan na jaa-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, His worth cannot be estimated. ||7||

sat sat sat parabh su-aamee.
True, True, True is God, our Lord and Master

gur parsaad kinai vakhi-aanee.
By Guru’s Grace, some speak of Him.

Aad sach, jugaad sach, hepi sach, nanak hosi vee sach…

sach sach sach sabh keenaa.
True, True, True is the Creator of all.

kot maDhay kinai birlai cheenaa.
Out of millions, scarcely anyone knows Him.

….Bhagath fareed Ji did 12 solid years of thapasia. He got a lot of shakthee as a result. One day he is passing a ship with ‘akthalee’ men on board. It started to sink and people shouted for help. Fareed Ji did felt sorry for them and did ardaas and the people were saved. ‘Akaash bane hoee’

And Bhagat Fareed Ji was asked why he did the Ardaas as Maharaaj had different plans for these people…They were meant to die that day as they had done bad deeds but now had been saved. Fareed Ji was told his 12 years of Bhagathee had been given to these people and his account was emptied.

Now he was told he has to do ‘Akthalee’ years of pagthee to get darshan… See why Maharaaj does things for a reason but we can’t see that…we can’t see peoples files….

bhalaa bhalaa bhalaa tayraa roop.
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful is Your Sublime Form.

at sundar apaar anoop.
You are Exquisitely Beautiful, Infinite and Incomparable.

nirmal nirmal nirmal tayree banee.
Pure, Pure, Pure is the Word of Your Bani,

ghat ghat sunee sarvan bakh-yaanee.
heard in each and every heart, spoken to the ears

referring to katha and bani that ones very close to maharaja can constantly hear…. Not just katha and kirtan we hear for example at the Gurdwara…

pavitar pavitar pavitar puneet.
Holy, Holy, Holy and Sublimely Pure who keep japing jaap with preet…

naam japai naanak man pareet. ||8||12||
chant the Naam, O Nanak, with heart-felt love. ||8||12||

Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru…..

….We should not put ‘Shri’ in front of the ardass in the Chandi di vaar as this is nirgun roop…should say Ik Onkaar Vaheguru Ji ki Fateh…


sant saran jo jan parai so jan uDhranhaar.
One who seeks the Sanctuary of the Saints shall be saved.

Never do anyone’s nindia..

sant kee nindaa naankaa bahur bahur avtaar. ||1||
One who slanders the Saints, O Nanak, shall be reincarnated over and over again. ||1||

you don’t know their powers….you don’t know who you are sitting next to…

….when Sajan Tag tried to poison Guru Nanak’s milk and food, Guru Ji knew everything…


….people look at sants and start thinking ‘how have they had so much kirpa when they don’t even do anything?’ but we should think if we just do Nitnem and Sukhmani sahib and we get a house etc then someone who does naam simran 24/7 will be blessed so much more, they will be recognized and become famous etc…. we should not doubt them or do nindia of them and just think they walk around in white clothes doing nothing….

sant kai dookhan aarjaa ghatai.
Slandering the Saints, one’s life is cut short.

sant kai dookhan jam tay nahee chhutai.
Slandering the Saints, one shall not escape the Messenger of Death.

sant kai dookhan sukh sabh jaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, all happiness vanishes…

Inside and outside happiness. This includes nindhiya of anyone!

sant kai dookhan narak meh paa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one falls into hell.

Sukhmani Sahib – Part 38

Sukhmani Sahib – Part 38

We are Caught up in all the things we have, all the things we’ve obtained.

thab lag dhharam raae dhaee sajaae ||

the Righteous Judge shall punish him. The one who is intoxicated by maya, and has not done what he was supposed to.

One is punished for this because it is like when a child who is sent to school spends all his time playing and never actually reaches school. He gets scolded, because he too has forgotten what he was sent here to do, and instead doesn’t remember God. When we’ve been told;

bhee paraapath maanukh dhaehureeaa ||

This human body has been given to you.

gobi(n)dh milan kee eih thaeree bareeaa ||

This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe.

avar kaaj thaerai kithai n kaam ||

Nothing else will work.

mil saadhhasa(n)gath bhaj kaeval naam ||1||

Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; vibrate and meditate on the Jewel of the Naam. || 1 ||

prabh kirapaa thae ba(n)dhhan thoottai ||
By God’s Grace, his bonds are shattered;

gur prasaadh naanak ho shhoottai ||4||
by Guru’s Grace, O Nanak, his ego is eliminated. ||4||

sehas khattae lakh ko out(h) dhhaavai ||
Earning a thousand, he runs after a hundred thousand.

We are never fulfilled and always going after more. We should apply this thinking to doing more simran, more paat etc.

Tript na aavai maya pachhai paavi
Satisfaction is not obtained by chasing after Maya.

Our desire does not go, our thirst is not quenched by Worldly things.

anik bhog bikhiaa kae karai ||
He may enjoy all sorts of corrupt pleasures,

neh thripathaavai khap khap marai ||
but he is still not satisfied; he indulges again and again, wearing himself out, until he dies.

binaa sa(n)thokh nehee kooo raajai ||
Without contentment, no one is satisfied.

supan manorathh brithhae sabh kaajai ||
Like the objects in a dream, all his efforts are in vain.

No matter how much you may accomplish in a dream, when you wake up it’s not done. It’s like a thought we have of doing something. It’s just a thought, and nothing in reality. We do so many things in our life, but none of them matter when we die, then we will regret how we spent our time here.

naam ra(n)g sarab sukh hoe ||
Through the love of the Naam, all peace is obtained.

baddabhaagee kisai paraapath hoe ||
Only a few obtain this, by great good fortune.

Some try again and again to try get coloured in gods love, whereas for others it happens almost instantly.
Once Sant Kartaar Singh ji was doing katha in Mukhtsar Sahib, where in the sangath there sat a drunkard. He first stood outside the divaan, then crept in and sat at the back to listen, leaving straight after.The next day he returned wrapped in cloth, and said he wished to receive amrit. As he looked shaven, and ate meat etc, I questioned to myself how he’d be able to keep rehit. I asked if he was serious, and he replied that after listening to the katha yesterday he had made up his mind. So we decided we would give him a few days, and told him to come with us to ganga naggar where he would receive Amrit. He made it there. He was young, around 35 years old and took drugs. We told him to go to the flowing water nearby to have ishnaan, put on clean clothes etc. He received amrit, after which he asked sant ji if he could stay with them as he knew it would be difficult to keep rehit at home. They agreed. Overtime he was given santhia of Nitnem etc, and he started doing, 10, 20 Jap ji sahibs a day, until one day he was doing 110 Japji sahibs a day! Once a fallen man, he’d now progressed more than any of the other Singhs there, by attended one session of katha. It came to a point where we’d consult him before doing things in our own lives.

karan karaavan aapae aap ||

He Himself is Himself the Cause of causes…

He doesn’t ask anyone else.

sadhaa sadhaa naanak har jaap ||5||

Forever and ever, O Nanak, chant the Lord’s Name. ||5||

…be greedy, do as much as possible in a day.

karan karaavan karanaihaar ||

The Doer, the Cause of causes, is the Creator Lord.

Though the human doesn’t acknowledge this.

eis kai haathh kehaa beechaar ||

What deliberations are in the hands of mortal beings?

Everything we are able to do is only because of Gods light in us all.

jaisee dhrisatt karae thaisaa hoe ||

As God casts His Glance of Grace, they come to be…

and their karams come to be.

aapae aap aap prabh soe ||

God Himself, of Himself, is unto Himself. He is everything.

jo kishh keeno s apanai ra(n)g ||

Whatever He created, was by His Own Pleasure.

We can complain all we want, but only what He wants happens. If He wanted it could happen in a split second, or never at all.

sabh thae dhoor sabhehoo kai sa(n)g ||

He is far from all, and yet with all.

Like the sun is furthest away, yet we can feel the heat and see it in the sky. He is watching all of us

boojhai dhaekhai karai bibaek ||

He understands, He sees, and He passes judgment. Veechar

aapehi eaek aapehi anaek ||

He Himself is the One, and He Himself is the many.

How? Like the sun that is far away and one, but if we were to fill loads of buckets of water it reflects in all of them. Like this God is in everything.

marai n binasai aavai n jaae ||

He does not die or perish; He does not come or go.

naanak sadh hee rehiaa samaae ||6||

O Nanak, He remains forever All-pervading. ||6||

aap oupadhaesai samajhai aap ||

He Himself instructs sitting inside individuals, and He Himself learns.

aapae rachiaa sabh kai saathh ||

He Himself mingles with all.

aap keeno aapan bisathhaar ||

He Himself created His own expanse…

However much he wants. The 84 million life forms are not a set number, He could make more if He felt like it.

sabh kashh ous kaa ouhu karanaihaar ||

All things are His; He is the Creator.

Satnaam Sri vaheguroo sahib jio, Satnaam Sri vaheguroo sahib jio, Satnaam Sri vaheguroo sahib jio.

ous thae bhi(n)n kehahu kishh hoe ||

Without Him, what could be done?

thhaan thhana(n)thar eaekai soe ||

In the spaces and interspaces, He is the One.

apunae chalith aap karanaihaar ||

In His own play, He Himself is the Actor.

He makes whomever high and whomever lowly.

Sri Guru Arjun Dev Jee

               (Katha by Bhai Pinderpal Singh jee)

ik oankaar satnaam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal moorath ajoonee saibhan gur prasaadh |
One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Guru’s Grace ~

| jap |
Chant And Meditate:

aadh sach jugaadh sach |
True In The Primal Beginning. True Throughout The Ages.

hai bhee sach naanak hosee bhee sach |1|
True Here And Now. O Nanak, Forever And Ever True. ||1||

kirapaa karahu dheen kae dhaathae maeraa gun avagan n beechaarahu koee |
Have mercy on me, O Generous Giver, Lord of the meek; please do not consider my merits and demerits.

maattee kaa kiaa dhopai suaamee maanas kee gath eaehee |1|
How can dust be washed? O my Lord and Master, such is the state of mankind. ||1||

jaethaa samundh saagar neer bhariaa thaethae aougan hamaarae |
As the seas and the oceans are overflowing with water, so vast are my own sins.

dhaeiaa karahu kish mihar oupaavahu ddubadhae pathar thaarae |5|
Please, shower me with Your Mercy, and take pity upon me. I am a sinking stone – please carry me across! ||5||

jeearraa agan baraabar thapai bheethar vagai kaathee |
My soul is burning like fire, and the knife is cutting deep.

pranavath naanak hukam pashaanai sukh hovai dhin raathee |6|5|17|
Prays Nanak, recognizing the Lord’s Command, I am at peace, day and night. ||6||5||17||


Today we will turn our attention to Guru Arjun Dev jee mentioned in Ardaas. Where Guru Gobind Singh jee says “I meditate on the name of Guru Arjun Dev jee, Guru Hargobind jee, and Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib jee”

arjan harigobindh noo simaro sree hariraae |
(I, then, contemplate on) Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Rai.

Let’s take a look at those who meditated on Guru Arjun Dev Jee’s name and what they obtained:

Bhatt (poets) say in baanee (Guu Granth Sahib Ji):

– Guru shabad was manifest in Guru Arjun Dev jees heart, the Bhatt that had blessed vision of Guru Sahib with their own eyes say:

sabadh guroo parakaasiou har rasan basaayo |
The Word of the Guru’s Shabad has been revealed, and the Lord dwells on your (Guru Arjun Dev jee’s ) tongue.

gur naanak angadh amar laag outham padh paayo |
Attached to Guru Nanak, Guru Angad and Guru Amar Daas, He attained the supreme status.

gur arajun ghar gur raamadhaas bhagath outhar aayo |1|
In the House of Guru Raam Daas, the devotee of the Lord, Guru Arjun was born. ||1|| Guru Arjun Dev jee was a bhagath from the beginning

Remember the above when reading Guru Arjun Dev jee’s baanee and life – that they were a bhagat from birth.

We may use ‘Arjan’ but the Bhatt always spelt it with an ounkar under the jaja as ‘Arjun’

Guru Raamdaas jee had two sons Baba Prithee Chand and Baba Mahadev already, Guru Arjun Dev jee was Their third and youngest son.

Bhatt say that Guru Arjun Dev jee was known as Guru from birth

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev jee janmath

Why did they only say this about Guru Arjun Dev jee and not Guru Angad Dev jee, Guru Amardaas jee or Guru Raamdaas jee? This was because Guru Arjun Dev Jee was acknowledged as Guru Sahib from birth whereas other’s were enlightened later on in life.

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev jee recieved Their grandfather, Dhan Sri Guru Amardaas jees, lap at birth, and at the age of eleven They saw Guru Raamdaas jee not just as Their father but as Their Gurdev.

Guru Arjun Dev jee compiled all the Baanee from bhagat’s and Guru Sahib’s before.

Let’s look at what Bhagat Fareed jee tells us about the distinctions of a bhagat, and how Guru Arjun Dev jee possesses all of them:

– Even though he is wise, he will never say he is wise

– Whatever words come out of a bhagat’s mouth they will come true and cannot be turned in this world or the next

– Whatever a bhagat has he will share, no matter how little he might have

math hodhee hoe eiaanaa |
If you are wise, be simple;

thaan hodhae hoe nithaanaa |
if you are powerful, be weak;

anehodhae aap vanddaaeae |
and when there is nothing to share, then share with others.

ko aisaa bhagath sadhaaeae |128|
How rare is one who is known as such a devotee. ||128||

We should always visit Chobaara Sahib  when we go to India for the following reasons:

– It’s where Guru Arjun Dev Jee was born

– Guru Amardaas jee gave Gurgaadi to Guru Raamdaas jee

– Guru Amardaas jee left the World

-Guru Raamdaas jee gave Gurgaddi to Guru Arjun Dev jee

– Guru Raamdaas jee left the world and passed the Gurgaddi to Guru Arjun Dev jee

– Bibi Bhaanee jee did lots of seva here

– Guru Amardaas jee gave maha pursh (great beings) the 22 manjeeya

– Dhan Guru Arjun Dev jee grew up on this land and played here as a child.

If we ask Guru Arjun Dev jee how they had so much sikhee instilled inside them we can understand from the Shabad below.

A Christian was asked “how do you know the bible so well?” he replied by saying “my mother beat it into me!”

If we ask Guru Arjun Dev jee how every pore on Their body vibrates and resonates with ‘Vaheguroo’s name, they’ve said, because my mother (Mata Bhaanee jee) sat me in Their laps and and gave me Their blessings to do so.

jis simarath sabh kilavikh naasehi pitharee hoe oudhaaro |
Remembering Him, all sins are erased, and ones generations are saved.

so har har thuma sadh hee jaapahu jaa kaa anth n paaro |1|
So meditate continually on the Lord, Har, Har; He has no end or limitation. ||1||

poothaa maathaa kee aasees |
O son, this is your mother’s hope and prayer,

nimakh n bisaro thuma ko har har sadhaa bhajahu jagadhees |1| rehaao |
that you may never forget the Lord, Har, Har, even for an instant. May you ever vibrate upon the Lord of the Universe. ||1||Pause||

She gave me the blessings, that I never forget Vaheguroo, not even for the moment it takes to blink.

sathigur thuma ko hoe dhaeiaalaa santhasang thaeree preeth |
May the True Guru be kind to you, and may you love the Society of the Saints.

May you always have love for those who meditate on Akaal Purakhs name.

kaaparr path paramaesar raakhee bhojan keerathan neeth |2|
May the preservation of your honor by the Transcendent Lord be your clothes, and may the singing of His Praises be your food. ||2||

Vaheguroo please be merciful, like our body is covered with clothes to preserve our dignity, may Guru jee bless you with naam  and give us this path.

May those who sit by you eat keertan da bhojan (whose sustenance is God’s praises)

Some will question how have can these be mata jee’s words when they are written under Guru Arjun Dev je’s baanee. Sometimes in baanee we will find the words of a mother spoken through (ucharan’d) Guru Sahib or bhagats, as in bhagat Kabeer jees baanee…

goojaree ghar 3 |
Goojaree, Third House:

mus mus rovai kabeer kee maaee |
Kabeer’s mother sobs, cries and bewails

eae baarik kaisae jeevehi raghuraaee |1|
– O Lord, how will my grandchildren live? ||1||

thananaa bunanaa sabh thajiou hai kabeer |
Kabeer has given up all his spinning and weaving,

har kaa naam likh leeou sareer |1| rehaao |
and written the Name of the Lord on his body. ||1||Pause||

jab lag thaagaa baaho baehee |
As long as I pass the thread through the bobbin,

thab lag bisarai raam sanaehee |2|
I forget the Lord, my Beloved. ||2||

oushee math maeree jaath julaahaa |
My intellect is lowly – I am a weaver by birth,

har kaa naam lehiou mai laahaa |3|
but I have earned the profit of the Name of the Lord. ||3||

kehath kabeer sunahu maeree maaee |
Says Kabeer, listen, O my mother

hamaraa ein kaa dhaathaa eaek raghuraaee |4|2|
– the Lord alone is the Provider, for me and my children. ||4||2||

So with Their mothers blessings how much love did Guru Arjun Dev jee come to have?

Guru Arjun Dev jee says:

thoo cho sajan maiddiaa ddaeee sis outhaar |
If You tell me to, O my Friend, I will cut off my head and give it to You.

nain mehinjae tharasadhae kadh pasee dheedhaar |1|
My eyes long for You; when will I see Your Vision? ||1||

jae thoo mithra asaaddarraa hik bhoree naa vaeshorr |
If You are my friend, then don’t separate Yourself from me, even for an instant.

jeeo mehinjaa tho mohiaa kadh pasee jaanee thohi |1|
My soul is fascinated and enticed by You; when will I see You, O my Love? ||1||

Come inside my house says Guru Arjun Dev jee to Vaheguroo, come into my heart, it’s all been dressed up for you like one decorates his house in anticipation for visitors.

moo theeaaoo saej nainaa piree vishaavanaa |
I have laid the bed for my Beloved Husband Lord; (the most purest part of my body) my eyelids have become the sheets.

jae ddaekhai hik vaar thaa sukh keemaa hoo baaharae |3|
If You look at me, even for an instant, then I obtain peace beyond all price. ||3||

Just look at me for a moment!

 Mata Bhaanee jee’s blessings were successful.

sun yaar hamaarae sajan eik karo baenantheeaa |
Listen, O my intimate friend – I have just one prayer to make.

this mohan laal piaarae ho firo khojantheeaa |
I have been wandering around, searching for that enticing, sweet Beloved.

this dhas piaarae sir dharee outhaarae eik bhoree dharasan dheejai |
Whoever leads me to my Beloved – I would cut off my head and offer it to him, even if I were granted the Blessed Vision of His Darshan for just an instant.

nain hamaarae pria rang rangaarae eik thil bhee naa dheereejai |
My eyes are drenched with the Love of my Beloved; without Him, I do not have even a moment’s peace.

prabh sio man leenaa jio jal meenaa chaathrik jivai thisantheeaa |
My mind is attached to the Lord, like the fish to the water, and the rainbird, thirsty for the raindrops.

jan naanak gur pooraa paaeiaa sagalee thikhaa bujhantheeaa |1|
Servant Nanak has found the Perfect Guru; his thirst is totally quenched. ||1||

If only every mother would learn this shabad off by heart and recite it to her children. What aspect isn’t covered by this shabad? Unfortunately nowadays mothers themselves are not wanting Amrit, so how can she ask for Amrit for her child?

anmrith peevahu sadhaa chir jeevahu har simarath anadh ananthaa |
Drink  forever the Ambrosial Nectar; may you live long, and may the meditative remembrance of the Lord give you infinite delight.

How blessed a mother to be asking for Amrit for her child. We’re too busy running around, everyone is saying we want our kids to be happy, but look at what happened in Mir Mannu’s jail, tiny babies that were still breastfeeding were snatched, and chopped into small pieces and then hung around their mother’s necks. Yet at the end of that day, they’d do Ardaas  that Dhan Guru Gobind Singh jee please forgive us for any mistakes made whilst raising these children you’ve blessed us with and thank you for a blessed day.

rang thamaasaa pooran aasaa kabehi n biaapai chinthaa |3|
May joy and pleasure be yours; may your hopes be fulfilled, and may you never be troubled by worries. ||3||

Mata jee said ‘May your mind become like a bee attracted to Guru jee’s lotus like feet.

If we look at a lotus flower it is surrounded by muddy water, but we should be like a bee that takes the smell from the flower, but does not get polluted by the surrounding murky waters.

Another Shabad has just come to mind from Raag Maroo…

The mother is wise she informs her child about the good and bad. if we were all to take this shabad and apply it to ourselves we wouldn’t take notice of the bad in people and we would be a lot closer to Vaheguroo.

bimal majhaar basas niramal jal padhaman jaaval rae |
In the pure, immaculate waters, both the lotus and the slimy scum are found.

padhaman jaaval jal ras sangath sang dhokh nehee rae |1|
The lotus flower is with the scum and the water, but it remains untouched by any pollution. ||1||

Live your life in this way

dhaadhar thoo kabehi n jaanas rae |
You frog, you will never understand.

bhakhas sibaal basas niramal jal anmrith n lakhas rae |1| rehaao |
You eat the dirt, while you dwell in the immaculate waters (the temples, the Gurdwara, in sath sangath). You know nothing of the ambrosial nectar there. ||1||Pause||

bas jal nith n vasath aleeal maer chachaa gun rae |
You dwell continually in the water; the bumble bee does not dwell there, but it is intoxicated with its fragrance from afar.

chandh kumudhanee dhoorahu nivasas anabho kaaran rae |2|
Intuitively sensing the moon in the distance, the lotus bows its head. ||2||

anmrith khandd dhoodh madh sanchas thoo ban chaathur rae |
The realms of nectar are irrigated with milk and honey; you think you are clever to live in the water.

apanaa aap thoo kabahu n shoddas pisan preeth jio rae |3|
You can never escape your own inner tendencies, like the love of the flea for blood. ||3||

laaparvah – lost themselves/lifes purpose

biparvah – care free

naanak dhaas oun sang lapattaaeiou jio boondhehi chaathrik moulaa |4|3|4|
Says servant Nanak, attach your mind to them, and blossom forth like the song-bird, upon finding the rain-drop. ||4||3||4||

Guru Arjun Dev Jee’s mother gave Them asees (blessings) and they’d kamaa (earn/live) Sikhi. They’d endured a lot of anger from Their brother Baba Prithee Chand who They lived with, but Their mother, Mata Bhanee jee encouraged him to continue with his Sikhee if he wanted to please pita Gurdev (father, Guru Raam Daas Ji)

Guru Arjan Dev Jee and his two brothers, Prithia and Mahadev were asked to go to Lahore by his father Guru Raam Daas Jee. The other two refused, Prithia said “its too hot, I wont be able to stand it” and Mahadev said “no one is your sakaa (true/real) brother or sister in life so what’s the point?”. Guru Arjun Dev Jee took it as hukam (order) and was happy to go and even said if you asked for my life, I would give that too.

Guru Raam Daas Jee was doing the sarovar (pool of nectar) dee seva (selfless service) in Amrtsar and sent Baba Buddha Jee to go and get Arjun from Lahore. Again, his brother, Prithia, continued to be very jealous and angry. Guru Raam Daas Jee has a shabad on ang 1200 where They tell their son Prithia that anger is not a good thing

Guru Sahib tried to make Prithia understand:

kaahae pooth jhagarath ho sang baap |
O son, why do you argue with your father?

jin kae janae baddeerae thum ho thin sio jhagarath paap |1| rehaao |
It is a sin to argue with the one who fathered you and raised you. ||1||Pause||

jis dhan kaa thum garab karath ho so dhan kisehi n aap |
That wealth, which you are so proud of – that wealth does not belong to anyone.

khin mehi shodd jaae bikhiaa ras tho laagai pashuthaap |1|
In an instant, you shall have to leave behind all your corrupt pleasures; you shall be left to regret and repent. ||1||

jo thumarae prabh hothae suaamee har thin kae jaapahu jaap |
He is God, your Lord and Master – chant the Chant of that Lord.

oupadhaes karath naanak jan thum ko jo sunahu tho jaae santhaap |2|1|7|
Servant Nanak spreads the Teachings; if you listen to it, you shall be rid of your pain. ||2||1||7||

Guru Raam Daas Jee took Guru Arjun Dev Jee and went to Govindvaal. With the advice of Baba Buddha Jee, They passed the Gurgaddee to Guru Arjun Dev Jee. They had a paath (prayer) to mark the ceremony and it was said that his brother Prithia came either on the day of the bhog or some day after the paath was already over. He caused a scene and accused Guru Arjun Dev Jee of robbing His father of the Gurgaddee.

Prithia accused Guru Arjun Dev jee of taking their father’s life, Bhatt Harbans writes:

dhaev puree mehi gayo aap paramaesavar bhaayo |
When it was the Will of the Transcendent Lord Himself, Guru Raam Daas went to the City of God.

har singhaasan dheeao siree gur theh baithaayo |
The Lord offered Him His Royal Throne, and seated the Guru upon it.

rehas keeao sur dhaev thohi jas jay jay janpehi |
The angels and gods were delighted; they proclaimed and celebrated Your victory, O Guru.

asur geae thae bhaag paap thina bheethar kanpehi |
The demons ran away; their sins made them shake and tremble inside.

kaattae s paap thina narahu kae gur raamadhaas jina paaeiyo |
Those people who found Guru Raam Daas were rid of their sins.

shathra singhaasan pirathamee gur arajun ko dhae aaeiao |2|21|9|11|10|10|22|60|143|
He gave the Royal Canopy and Throne to Guru Arjun, and came home. ||2||21||9||11||10||10||22||60||143||

When the ceremony was about to commence of giving the dastaar (turban) to the son, Baba Buddha Jee was about to give it Guru Arjun Dev Jee when his brother kicked up a fuss to say it should go to the older son and snatched the dastaar. So Guru Arjun Dev Jee said to Baba Buddha Jee to go ahead and just give it to him if that’s what he wants. Baba Jee said, you will not become a Guru with this dastaar alone, you need the blessings along with it, which only Guru Arjun Dev Jee has been given.

Guru Arjun Dev Jee left Govindvaal and went to Amritsar. Bhai Gurdaas Ji went out to do parchaar (preaching) while Guru Jee commenced the seva of the sarovar. They took out all the mittee (soil), and piled it up on the side where now Akaal Thakat stands. People made a room for Guru Arjan Dev Jee to rest during the day where they would sometimes spend the night. [53 mins]

Prithia continued to be mean to his brother. He had people who were on his side who he told what to say and do known as massands. When Sangat would come to the Gurdwara, he would tell them to give all the charaava (offerings) to Prithia’s house and then would send them for langar to Guru Arjan Dev Jee’s house. He himself boycotted the Gurdwara.

Bhai Gurdaas Jee, who was Guru Arjun Dev Jee’s mama went to Govindwaal and then on to Amritsar, but when he got there he saw how little and of what poor quality the langar had become when he was given it. He went to Guru Arjun Dev Jee and said “Lakur dee halat ithnee pathalee” (implying the poor state of the langar). Guru Jee replied, as long as you have Maharaaj in your heart, rookhee roti (dry chappati) and sleeping on the bare floor should not even bother you.

Baba Buddha Jee and Bhai Gurdaas Jee made a sign and stood where the pipalee (certain type of tree) is now (Piplee Sahib in Amritsar), to tell the sangath about how Prithia has been going against Guru Jee. They told the sangath how they would not gain anything from doing Prithia’s sangat, and you will not be treated well after death.

har chandhouree dhaekh kai karadhae bharavaasaa|
Seeing a city of smoke some people believe it.

thal vich thapan bhatheeaa kio lehai piaasaa|
How can mirage in desert quench the thirst?

suhanae raaj kamaaeeai kar bhog bilaasaa|
People, in dreams enjoy by becoming Kings (but in the morning they possess nothing).

shaaeiaa birakh n rehai thir pujai kio aasaa|
How can one hope that the shade of a tree would remain stationary?

baajeegar dhee khaedd jio sabh koorr thamaasaa|
All this is a fake show like that of an acrobat’s.

ralai j sangath meeniaa outh chalai niraasaa |7|
One who keeps association with dissemblers, ultimately goes (from this world) disappointed.(7)

Slowly, people began to come back to Guru Jee. This annoyed Prithia and he tried another trick asking people to ask Guru Jee for money. He always did nindiya (slander) of Guru jee and Bhai Daya Singh  gave a bachan once, that a Sikh should not go somewhere where nindiya is being done of the Guru and if you do go and if you hear anyone doing nindhiya of Guru jee you shouldn’t go there, but if you do either give your head or take a head.

Even Guru Jee’s kirtan jatha (Satta and Balvanda) left under the influence of Prithia, and refused to do kirtan, but when they did they travelled far and wide but were very unsuccessful and eventually came back to Guru Jee and admitted they should not have left and done nindiya of the Guru. But with the advice of many they were forgiven.  In the end Bhai Ladha jee brought them back to Guru Sahibs Darbaar and asked for them to be forgiven. Not only did Guru Sahib forgive them but added Raamkalee kee vaar (which was written to ask for forgiveness) into Gurbaanee.

houmai dheeragh rog hai dhaaroo bhee eis maahi |
Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.

Satta and Balwanda who stumbled, suffered and learned their lesson now have 8 shabads included in Baanee. My Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji, if it was someone like us we would have dishonoured and embarrassed them, but Guru Ji not only blessed them but where Guru Nanak’s baanee is, also included Raamkali Ki Vaar:

chaarae jaagae chahu jugee pa(n)chaaein aapae hoaa ||
The four Gurus enlightened the four ages; the Lord Himself assumed the fifth form.

aapeenhai aap saajioun aapae hee thha(n)mih khaloaa ||
He created Himself, and He Himself is the supporting pillar.

aapae pattee kalam aap aap likhanehaaraa hoaa ||
He Himself is the paper, He Himself is the pen, and He Himself is the writer.

sabh oumath aavan jaavanee aapae hee navaa niroaa ||
All His followers come and go; He alone is fresh and new.

thakhath bait(h)aa arajan guroo sathigur kaa khivai cha(n)dhoaa ||
Guru Arjun sits on the throne; the royal canopy waves over the True Guru.

ougavanahu thai aathhavanahu chahu chakee keean loaa ||
From east to west, He illuminates the four directions.

jinhee guroo n saeviou manamukhaa paeiaa moaa ||
Those self-willed manmukhs who do not serve the Guru die in shame.

dhoonee chounee karaamaath sachae kaa sachaa dtoaa ||
Your miracles increase two-fold, even four-fold; this is the True Lord’s true blessing.

chaarae jaagae chahu jugee pa(n)chaaein aapae hoaa ||8||1||
The four Gurus enlightened the four ages; the Lord Himself assumed the fifth form. ||8||1||

(Ang 968)

Despite everything Guru Jee continued Their seva with Their head held high. They continued remembering Their mother’s asseesa (blessings). Nowadays, it’s been said that if we have had a problem or argument at home, we don’t want to do anything or go to work that day or complete our Nitnem (daily prayers) and here was someone (Guru Jee) who had gone through hell, whose son was tried to be poisoned, who’s kirtan jatha were upset with him, who’s brothers’ were upset with him, who was given a bad name in the local area yet still came to Harmandar Sahib to do Keertan despite everything, imagine how they must have felt. Imagine how focused they must have been to endure this and still bless us with baanee in thirty raags.

Examples of those who remembered Guru Arjun Dev jee:

1. Its now month of Poh, and Guru Jee and Bhai Bidhee Chand jee left Amritsar to go to Kaanpur near Taran Taaran. No one welcomed them so they went and sat under a tree with Bhai Bidhee Chand. Bhai Bidhee Chand questioned the Guru “is there no one in this village who has love for the Guru?”. Guru Jee replied that whoever has love will come to them. Later that evening, a man called Hema was walking home with a pile of sticks saw them and stopped after seeing they were Gursikhs. When Bhai Hema came closer, he realised it was the Guru and he became overwhelmed. Guru Jee said if one remembers me, I shall come to them, ‘Arjun Har Gobind noo simro Siri Har Rai’ and because you remembered me, I came to you. Bhai Hema took Guru Jee and Bhai Bidhee Chand home and gave them what very little food he had and somewhere to stop in his very little hut of a home.

Bhai Hema apologised to Guru Jee as he was very poor and did not have much to offer. He said that all of the people in the village and family had disowned him and he had even lost the house he had in the village. But Guru Jee said to him that he may not have much but he remembered Guru Jee from his heart and that made him a king of the land and people should be putting the dust from their feet to their foreheads.

Guru jee spoke this Pauree on this occasion:

basathaa thoottee jhunparree cheer sabh shinnaa |
He dwells in a broken-down shack, in tattered clothes,

jaath n path n aadharo oudhiaan bhraminnaa |
with no social status, no honor and no respect; he wanders in the wilderness,

mithr n eith dhan roopeheen kish saak n sinnaa |
with no friend or lover, without wealth, beauty, relatives or relations.

raajaa sagalee srisatt kaa har naam man bhinnaa |
Even so, he is the king of the whole world, if his mind is imbued with the Lord’s Name.

this kee dhoorr man oudharai prabh hoe suprasannaa |7|
With the dust of his feet, men are redeemed, because God is very pleased with him. ||7||

Bhai Hema did seva for the Guru all night. When the Guru was ready to leave the next morning, Bhai Hema said that they couldn’t. Guru Jee questioned as to why not. Bhai Hema said that you know why you can’t, because I have remembered you, and prayed that when I die it be in your charan (at the Guru’s feet) which is going to be this evening. “This is why you came to me Guru jee.” That evening Guru jee took Bhai Hema jees head in Their laps and Bhai Hema left this world.

One day the sangath was eating langar when a mastana Gursikh by the name of Bhai Lakhu jee wanted to eat langar but was refused as he looked very poor. We judge people on their spirituality by the clothes they wear, and how they walk, but Guru Sahib has said to us to live simply.  Bhai Lakhu jee questioned how Guru jee’s child could be turned away empty handed but no one was willing to listen. They went to Guru Arjun Dev jee and pleaded that you’ve said if we remember you, you would never go without. How today has your child been turned away? Guru jee told the sevadaar to give Bhai Lakhu jee food as They were one of his children too.

Those who meditate on Guru jee, Satta and Balwand say:

jab lo nehee bhaag lilaar oudhai thab lo bhramathae firathae bahu dhaayo |
As long as the destiny written upon my forehead was not activated, I wandered around lost, running in all directions.

kal ghor samudhr mai booddath thae kabehoo mitt hai nehee rae pashuthaayo |
I was drowning in the horrible world-ocean of this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, and my remorse would never have ended.

thath bichaar yehai mathuraa jag thaaran ko avathaar banaayo |
O Mat’huraa, consider this essential truth: to save the world, the Lord incarnated Himself.

japao jina arajun dhaev guroo fir sankatt jon garabh n aayo |6|
Whoever meditates on Guru Arjun Dayv, shall not have to pass through the painful womb of reincarnation ever again. ||6||

We should aim to read Sukhmanee Sahib jee da paat everyday, even if we’re not able to do it all, read a few astpadeea if you wish to talk to Guru Arjun Dev jee. In this way you will be connected to Guru Arjun Dev jee and will become Their sevak (beloved servant).

The history of Vaisakhi

(Katha by Bhai Pinderpal Singh)

ik oankaar sath naam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal moorath ajoonee saibhan gur prasaadh |

One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Guru’s Grace ~


Chant And Meditate:

aadh sach jugaadh sach |

True In The Primal Beginning. True Throughout The Ages.

hai bhee sach naanak hosee bhee sach |1|

True Here And Now. O Nanak, Forever And Ever True. ||1||

kirapaa karahu dheen kae dhaathae maeraa gun avagan n beechaarahu koee |
Have mercy on me, O Generous Giver, Lord of the meek; please do not consider my merits and demerits.

maattee kaa kiaa dhopai suaamee maanas kee gath eaehee |1|
How can dust be washed? O my Lord and Master, such is the state of mankind. ||1||

jaethaa samundh saagar neer bhariaa thaethae aougan hamaarae |
As the seas and the oceans are overflowing with water, so vast are my own sins.

dhaeiaa karahu kish mihar oupaavahu ddubadhae pathar thaarae |5|
Please, shower me with Your Mercy, and take pity upon me. I am a sinking stone – please carry me across! ||5||

jeearraa agan baraabar thapai bheethar vagai kaathee |
My soul is burning like fire, and the knife is cutting deep.

pranavath naanak hukam pashaanai sukh hovai dhin raathee |6|5|17|
Prays Nanak, recognizing the Lord’s Command, I am at peace, day and night. ||6||5||17||

Today marks the start of the month of Vaisakh, come let’s talk about it’s relevance in Gurbani and what events are associated with it. Let’s pray that Maharaaj let’s us focus and blesses us with  understanding.

Yesterday we were talking about the frequent use of the word “Amrit” in Gurbaani. Satguru ji has referred to Amrit being in our hearts, however alongside this we are told in order for this Amrit to become manifest , we need to have received from Satguru ji, from the double edged sword. (khande baate da amrit) That what is invisible (aroop) can be made visible/tangible, because it can’t be seen with our eyes. For example, when we look up and can see the clouds moving, this is evidence that rain will fall, due to unseen moisture rising and forming clouds. I just wish to give a few examples here as to how unseen things become visible in certain forms. Clouds make that unseen moisture visible in the form of clouds.

When a human being becomes overly happy inside, this is shown through actions, such as them crying with joy or them not being able to get any words out due to being so overwhelmed with happiness. The water in their eyes that can be seen, makes one aware of the happiness inside this person that is unseen. Sometimes someone will have a frown on their face, and their eyes are red, although they haven’t said using their voice that they are angry it is made apparent by the expression on their face. What I mean to say that to make the unseen visible something has to be done first, so that inner Amrit that you are unable to see, if you wish to merge (jurrna) into it and make it manifest then a visible action must occur. For this reason when we read Sri Japji Sahib, Amrit has been mentioned in the 28th paurree, but alongside that Amrit certain virtues are very important to have. If you wish to make that inner Amrit manifest then firstly a bhaanda (vessel or bowl) is required. Without a bhaanda Amrit cannot be taaliya. Prem da bhanda is needed (Bowl of love). An example has been given using that of a goldsmith. (See translations below) If you make your oocha aa-charan (self control) your shop, dheeraj (steadfastness) your kaarigar (worker/goldsmith), the knowledge given by the Guru your hathora (tools) , your math (understanding) an ahran (anvil). If you have Kamaye de ag hovai – meaning you have the fire of ghalna and jap thap (devetional effort). If you have this shub (good) outer virtues then this Amrit within you will manifest.

jath paahaaraa dheeraj suniaar |
Let self-control be the furnace, and steadfastness the goldsmith.

These in reality are virtues. The rehmat Guru Nanak Dev ji has had on us

aharan math vaedh hatheeaar |
Let understanding be the anvil, and spiritual wisdom the tools.

bho khalaa agan thap thaao |
With the Fear of God as the bellows, fan the flames of tapa, the body’s inner heat.

bhaaddaa bhaao anmrith thith taal |
If you have the crucible of love, melt the Nectar of the Name,

If you have the virtues of self control, patience, good understanding, knowledge and a bhaanda of love, only then can you make that Amrit manifest. Let us continue. On Sangrand – whether we translate shabads everyday on this day or any day of sangrand, when the month starts we should listen and apply that bachan that has been given to us in Baareh maha (Name of Gurbaani compositions by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji), whether it be from Raaj Maajh or Raag Tukhari. As a minimum that individual coming into Guru Sahib’s hazoori (presence) should understand that on that day of sangrand that I go to see my Guru what aatmic (soul / spiritual) teaching has been given to me, and let us try to look at both Baareh maha – because a sikh’s life adaar (support) in life is Shabad Gurbaani. Let’s read Guru Arjan Dev ji’s and Guru Nanak Dev ji’s words and see them as truly applicable to you on Vaisakhi day. Those words spoken by Guru Arjan Dev ji in Baareh Maha Maajh are given to you be Guru Gobind Singh ji through their gift of amrit to you. I’d like to request a bit of focus now, because as long as we don’t make Gurbaani our support our mind does not go towards veecharing (understanding / discussing) baani. Satguru be merciful and let this ekaagarta (focus) remain until the end.

We read Guru Arjan Dev ji’s baani, they say: the month of vaisakh has come and the mangoes have boor (pehgae amba noo), and the fasal (crops) have become ready to harvest. Where the fields were filled with greenery, yellow flowers now cover the ground. All around the pakee fasal (ripe crops) are seen. By the coming of Vaisakh all are happy, the dayworker (dunidaar) who lives in a mud hut smiles because the harsh winter weather has gone,the  jimydaar (farmer) is happy because his crops are ready and ripe today, which he will harvest and be able to feed his family with; he will tie up any lose ends and resolve any affairs of his children. The showkaar (shop keeper) in turn is happy because after six months of the jimydaar borrowing money from him to feed his family, now that vaisakh has come, he will harvest those crop, sell them in his shop and that money that has been lent will be paid back. Guru Arjan dev ji has said that everyone becomes happy through the coming of vaisakh, which has given support to everyone, but that jeev istree (soul bride, ie person) that is seperated from her beloved (ie, God) doesn’t get a second of peace who has been separated from her Guru and Lord in the month of Vaisakh. For her, the month of Vaisakh is not a time of happiness.We are going to discuss both Baareh maha’s, but bring them back to Amrit.

Guru Arjan Dev ji say’s:

vaisaakh dheeran kio vaadeeaa jinaa praem bishohu |
In the month of Vaisaakh, how can the bride be patient? She is separated from her Beloved.

There are many types of dukh that can affect us, be they physical or mental, however Guru Nanak Dev ji has mentioned four main types of dukh. The pain of a disability can affect you, if your body was to stop functioning that would be a great dukh, the pain of death, the pain of hunger, but the greatest pain is that of being separated from Maharaaj.

The four types of pain mentioned by Guru Nanak Dev ji are:

dhukh vaeshorraa eik dhukh bhookh |
The pain of separation – there is no bigger dukh, another pain is the pain of hunger (desires)

eik dhukh sakathavaar jamadhooth |
Another pain is the attack of the Messenger of Death.

eik dhukh rog lagai than dhaae |
Another pain is the disease consuming my body.

vaidh n bholae dhaaroo laae |1|
O foolish doctor, don’t give me medicine. ||1||

The month of Vaisakh has come, but those jeev istree’s (sould brides) are in pain who have been separated from Vaheguru. May Maharaaj be merciful and not let one become separated as no worldly padarath (goods) can relieve that pain. Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singh ji gives an example – we’ve all seen log fires burning, and looking closely you’ll realise that the logs become red whilst in the fire disguising the black colour they actually are inside, however if a coal is to be removed or come away from the fire it instantly loses it’s red and is black starts becoming visible all over it. No matter how much you try and clean it in water the black will not be removed from it. Even trying to wash it with milk or yoghurt the black is not removed, even soap will not remove it. If you go to the extent of trying to colour it red it will still be black. The coal pleas do not rinse me in water, or try to wash me with soap. No application of colourants will change me, I will still remain black. If you wish to alight that red glow within me again, then please rejoin me with that fire I have been separated from. It is separation that brings about darkness, it is that separation that created vikaar (vices) within. Seperation is what causes inner pain. Whether Bhai Sahib said a nagan here, like a shabad it has taught the mind.

saban laa laa dhutha koula

Dud dey vich paiya

khumb chaar raangan see chareeya

rang na ous chariya

vichur ke kaalak see aa-ee

vin milaya nee lendee

and ag tey la key dekho rang roop savaiya

Throwing the coal back in the fire, the black is removed. O mind if you wish to be rid of separation and be coloured by God’s love do nothing else, but put your head in Kalgidar paatshah’s (Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s) feet and ask for the gift of amrit, which will truly colour you with the love of naam inside.

Guru Arjan Sahib says:

vaisaakh dheeran kio vaadteeaa jinaa praem bishohu |

In the month of vaisakh dheeraj (steadfastness / focus and oneness of the mind) wont come to those who have been separated from the Lord. The separated one’s don’t love for the Lord but they attach themselves to the World…

har saajan purakh visaar kai lagee maaeia dhohu |
She has forgotten the Lord, her Life-companion, her Master; she has become attached to Maya, the deceitful one.

… the one’s that you have become attached to and forsaken and forgotten the Lord for… 

puthr kalathr n sang dhanaa har avinaasee ouhu |
Neither son, nor spouse, nor wealth shall go along with you-only the Eternal Lord.

…wont be your support.

palach palach sagalee muee jhoothai dhandhai mohu |
Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing.

eikas har kae naam bin agai leeahi khohi |
Without the Naam, the Name of the One Lord, they lose their lives in the hereafter.

dhay visaar viguchanaa prabh bin avar n koe |
Forgetting the Merciful Lord, they are ruined. Without God, there is no other at all.

preetham charanee jo lagae thin kee niramal soe |
Pure is the reputation of those who are attached to the Feet of the Beloved Lord (in the month of Vaisakh.)

Thieves, criminals, those in high places for doing bad deeds all have reputations, but know this as true – those that attach themselves to Maharaaj’s feet, their praises are pure.

naanak kee prabh baenathee prabh milahu paraapath hoe |
Nanak makes this prayer to God: “”Please, come and unite me with Yourself.””

vaisaakh suhaavaa thaa lagai jaa santh bhaettai har soe |3|
The month of Vaisaakh is beautiful and pleasant, when the Saint causes me to meet the Lord. ||3||

 If you want the month of vaisakh to be beautiful, it is made so if one meets a Saint.

In Raag Maajh (Baareh Maha) we’re told that separation in the month of vaisakh will cause inner pain. Now reading Raag Tukhari, I suggest today you read each and every shabad from Raag Tukhari Baareh maha – though some individuals read this baani every morning, some may never have read this baani. Look here Sahib has used the word ‘Vaadteeaa’ Now Baba Nanak jI say – keeping in mind the surrounding area, some friends say that this baani Baareh maha Tukhari was spoken by Maharaaj in Kartaarpur Sahib, and I wish to make a plea that with relevance to today’s vaisakhi

 vaisaakh bhalaa saakhaa vaes karae |
Baisakhi is so pleasant; the branches blossom with new leaves.

Here Maharaaj has used the word “bhalaa” (good/pleasant) to describe the month of vaisakh, and here I can agree that on vaisakhi good of Hindustan, of the Sikhs of the whole of mankind occurred.

vaisaakh bhalaa saakhaa vaes karae

Saying – look people, the old has gone and new is coming. The new is coming, as old leaves have shed from the tree’s as new branches blossom with new leaves, and my Guru Nanak Dev ji’s joyt (light) has given birth to a sikh’s baana (appearance/character). Maharaaj why have you given this vaes? (baana)

Vaisakh or Vaisakhi (as both have been mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib ji. First Guru Nanak Dev ji has used ‘vaisakh’ and then at the end ‘vaisakhi’ is used) as have from the start will continue bringing sandesh (message) and making history until the end. Vaisakhi was the day on which Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaaj made the effort to rid evil from the world, I say that on this day Baba ji rose above the attachment on the World and rid evil from the World through the Guru’s Shabad. Guru ji’s joyt in Guru Gobind Singh ji dealt with the enemy using the sword. In both instances the word ‘soudna’ (literally means to clean) is used.

Bhai Gurdas ji states that when Guru ji left:

baabaa dhaekhae dhiaan dhar jalathee sabh prithavee dhis aaee|
In his meditation, Baba (Nanak) found the whole earth burning (with the fire of lust and anger).

baajhahu guroo gubaar hai hai hai karadhee sunee lukaaee|
Without Guru there is utter darkness and he heard the cries of the common men.

baabae bhaekh banaaeiaa oudhaasee kee reeth chalaaee|
To further understand the people, Guru Nanak donned robes in their manner and preached them to be detached (from the pleasure and pain).

charriaa sodhan dharath lukaaee |24|
Thus he went out to purify humanity on earth.(24)

The Earth was dealt with using knowledge and Guru Nanak Dev ji’s joyt used weapons against those who would not understand through words – making the use of weapons justifiable. That day was Vaisakhi the day that in Sultanpur Lodi the Shabad was spoken:

Na koe Hindu na Musalmaan
There is no Hindu nor Muslim

The next Vaisakhi we were released from the web of doubt and delusion. When on the land of Harduaar everybody poured water towards the sunrise, but Guru Nanak Dev ji standing in the River Ganga poured water towards where the sun set. And explained that if your water can get to your ancestors why cant the water I pour reach my land in Punjab?

It was in Vaisakh that Guru Amardaas ji came onto this World. How great is the month of Vaisakh? How blessed are we to be given so many gifts in this month? It was when in Pind Basur now in Amritsar in Baba Tej Bhan’s house, Nimaania dey maan (honourer of the dishonoured) Guru came into this World.

It was the day of Vaisakhi – as I touched on yesterday, during the construction of the Baoli a large boulder blocking the water was broken, not only was that Baoli’s rock broken, but with that  blocking boulder a Gursikh gave their, mind body and soul to Their Guru. On that day of Vaisakhi that Gursikh said that even if the boulder should break and that he drowns, it would be fruitful as Guru Sahib would be pleased that the water has been obtained. When the stone wouldn’t break Bhai Manak chand ji climbed down and using a hammer hacked at the stone. Onlookers said that the stone will break, but it might mean that the one breaking it will be lost.  Manak Chand disagreed and said, I will accept it if I die in Guru Amardaas ji’s eyes, as the World may see me as drowning to death, but dying in the Guru’s nadar (vision) I will cross over this World ocean. Bhai Manak Chand ji smashed the stone so hard, that the water gushed out and engulfed him. Sikhs went and told his mata ji that he had died in the Boali. She went to Guru Sahib and said my son has drowned in the Boali. Guru Sahib replied, you have named him “Manak” (jewel/rubies); stones sink not Manak. Your sons actions will save many others from drowning in this World ocean.

We read from Gurbaani:

thath bichaar yehai mathuraa jag thaaran ko avathaar banaayo |
O Mat’huraa, consider this essential truth: to save the world, the Lord incarnated Himself.

japao jina arajun dhaev guroo fir sankatt jon garabh n aayo |6|
Whoever meditates on Guru Arjun Dayv, shall not have to pass through the painful womb of reincarnation ever again. ||6||

This Guru who we say:

Dhan Guru Arjan Dey they janmath gurmath brahm pechaniou

…was also born in vaisakh.

The time at which the leper was cured whilst having ishnaan (bathe) at Dukh Bhanjani (now Harmandir Sahib sarovar) also fell during the time of vaisakh. Those that now too have sharda and do  ishnaan are still blessed.That moment at which the korree (leper) was healed both inside and out.

When Guru Harkrishan Sahib ji said “baba bakala”  was also vaisakhi,

Bhai Nand laal ji fell at Guru Gobind Singh ji’s feet and obtained Their darshan on a vaisakhi day.

 1721 Vaisakhi was when khalsa was split into two jathey (groups). Banday khalsa and Thath khalsa. Banday said “fathe darshan” whilst Thath accepted “Vaheguru jee kee fathe”. When Bhai Sahib Bhai Mani Singh ji reached Harmandir sahib they said one thing – Guru Gobind Singh ji, you created one khalsa please remove any doubts. Advised to do parchia – one said fathe darshan and the other vaheguru ji ki fathe. Whichever was accepted should  float. First both sank then Ardaas was done for Maharaaj to please give guidance as your sikh is asking on behalf of the panth on what should be followed. On doing so ‘Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fathe’ rose to the top whilst the other remain sunk.

Looking on, Vaisakhi on 1748, a day that a Sikh should never forget. Approx 83 different groups of Sikhs had been formed and Sardaar Nawab Kapoor Singh called a ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ (Gathering of all Sikhs) under the shelter of Akaal Thakat. At the gathering, Kapoor Singh put forward a Matta (ruling) and said, that the own small personal groups and interests should be put to one side and all should come under one supreme power / Jatha,  and secondly, Punjab is the Sikhs Motherland, should Punjab be attacked, Sikhs (each and every group) should consider it as their own home being attacked (ie attack on the panth). As such, on Vaisakhi 1748, Dal Khalsa was formed under the leadership of Sardaar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia.

Just digressing for a second, Nawab Kapoor asked Jassa Singh’s mother to give the Panth her son. Today, if a leader says anything, say on the topic of Gurbaani, todays Sikh replies ‘I don’t know anything about baani/boonee ‘, who would have thought such words would be spoken… I met such a person and he said, ‘ don’t ask me about baani/boonee,ask me about votes’. I replied, you obviously do not know the meaning of your blue dastaar (turban) and your kirpan, that sikh that says he does not know about baani, truth be known, that the sikh is not deserving of leadership.

Abdali ruled that one cannot fight in battles whilst wearing a sonjou (coat of arms), so Jassa Singh fought his battles without wearing a sanjou and when they did Keertan.. once they did Keertan of 19 Raags at Harmandir Sahib, what a  great scholar, what a soorma (warrior). During the time the British were ruling Jassa Singh was feeding the Khalsa’s horses, however he was constantly teased and picked on due to his young age. Jassa Singh put down the feed and said to Kapoor Singh”Bapu Ji (father), I don’t want to feed the Khalsa horses because they make fun of me, I cannot speak punjabi properly yet and they mock me”. Kapoor Singh hugged Jassa Singh and said the Khalsa honours those who pick up the excretion of horses, don’t give up feeding the Khalsa’s horses, the Khalsa will make you a king”. On 1748 Vaisakhi day, Jassa Singh became the leader of Dal Khalsa.

Moving on, sorry I forgot to mention, everyone knows that Guru Arjan Dev Ji did the first parkaash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji,  but few people know that the day Guru Gobind Singh completed Guru Granth Sahib Ji with Guru Tegh Bahadaar Ji’s recited baani at DamDama Sahib, saying that Gur Granth Sahib is the samrath (all powerful) guru, it was Vaisakhi day. That day, the Hukumnama that was given was from Todee Mahalla 5 (Ang 713):

ttoddee mehalaa 5 ||
Todee, Fifth Mehla:

sathigur aaeiou saran thuhaaree ||
O True Guru, I have come to Your Sanctuary.

milai sookh naam har sobhaa chi(n)thaa laahi hamaaree ||1|| rehaao ||
Grant me the peace and glory of the Lord’s Name, and remove my anxiety. ||1||Pause||

After this, on Vasakhi 1763 the Khalsa was on tabiaa (in attendance) at Akaal Thakhat Sahib when a Brahmin came from Kasoor exclaiming that the ruler of Kasoor frequently kidnaps and dishonours women from the village and has today taken his wife to his house. “I have no where else to turn, or anyone else that will listen to me. Please bless me and bring my wife back to me.” At that moment the Khalsa was reminded that this was the reason Guru Gobind Singh ji had handed them shastar (weapons) to begin with. However some became doubtful saying that the ruler owned forts, and we are only in small numbers. Sardar Jassa Singh instructed Guru Granth Sahib ji’s support should be taken, and suggested an Ardaas be conducted and for them to do whatever Guru Sahib instructed.   The Brahmin appellant stood in Darbar whilst the Singh’s came to Maharaaj, taking Degh and doing Ardaas. Standing before Maharaaj the armed Khalsa did ardaas, the reason you created the Khalsa today a helpless individual has come for our help – we are few in numbers, so will we obtain victory on attacking?”

Part of the Ardaas In the words of Rattan Singh Bhangu taken from Pracheen panth Parkaash…

“Thu Guru Granth sachee hai deh. (Oh Guru Granth Sahib, you are the true form) Sikh sangath ko sach vaak dey. (Please bless the Sikh Sangat with your true words).”  Chak pathrey jab Granth ko dekha basant vaar ko aiyo lekha (When they lifted the rumalai and looked at Guru Granth Sahib, they saw the words written in Basant Vaar (raag)).

At that time the hukamnaama Paurree came:

what “lekha” (writing) came?

panjae badhae mehaabalee kar sachaa toaa |
The five powerful desires are bound down, when you lean on the True Lord.

aapanae charan japaaeian vich dhay kharroaa |
The Lord Himself leads us to dwell at His Feet. He stands right in our midst.

rog sog sabh mitt geae nith navaa niroaa |
All sorrows and sicknesses are eradicated, and you become ever-fresh and rejuvenated.

dhin rain naam dhiaaeidhaa fir paae n moaa |
Night and day, meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. You shall never again die.

jis thae oupajiaa naanakaa soee fir hoaa |2|
And the One, from whom we came, O Nanak, into Him we merge once again. ||2||

As the Khalsa made their way, they were met by a sikh who asked them as to whether they thought they would be victorious. The response which was given was:

Dey Guru Granth avaaj, soee karo ou hamrey kaaj

Guru Granth Sahib ji has given their avaaj (word) they are going to make our tasks fruitful too.

The Khalsa returned victorious. Gurmukho – this was the Vaisakhi of 1763.

After this Vaisakhi, in 1919 was when Jalia vale baagh shook not only Sikh’s but the whole of Punjab. By the blood that was spilt Hindustan gained independence. As the Vaisakhi of ’99 will be remembered, where the Vaisakhi of 1721 will be remembered, where the Vaisakhi of 1748 will be remembered, as the Vaisakhi of 1763 will be remembered, Jalia vale baag dee Vaisakhi won’t be forgotten, the Sikh panth will also never forget the Vaisakhi of ’78 (1978). It can never be forgotten. Whether we try and stop our mouths from talking about it Vaisakhi of ’78 will never be forgotten. The reason for which the Khalsa was created – to rise above doubt and deceit, to rise above falseness, on the Vaisakhi of 1978 those Gursikhs accepted death (13 singhs shaheed whilst peacefully protesting against the Nirankari’s), but made apparent that Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Khalsa was still alive and well.

These are some of the happenings of Vaisakhi, let me now come back to today’s Vaisakhi. Guru Nanak Dev ji used the words:

vaisaakh bhalaa saakhaa vaes karae |
Baisakhi is so pleasant; the branches blossom with new leaves.

That the pleasant month of Vaisaakh has come, look people of the world today new shoots are coming forth from the greenery leaving behind the old. Sikhs on this day of Vaisakhi leave behind old misconceptions and doubts and you too let new leaves bloom. Learn how to live a new life too.

The next line to the Shabad is:

dhan dhaekhai har dhuaar aavahu dhaeiaa karae |
The soul-bride yearns to see the Lord at her door. Come, O Lord, and take pity on me!

I will definitely share the whole shabd with you, as some lines within it describe the Khalsa. Firstly if you need newness then stand at the Guru’s door. Like Mahapursh were saying earlier “today open the door, and say Guru ji come into my house.” My Guru Nanak Dev ji says why not? stand in front of the door. Stand in front and say “aavahu dhaeiaa karae” Taking pity on me come. I have no virtues, be compassionate and come. Pay attention to the words…

ghar aao piaarae dhuthar thaarae thudh bin at n molo |
Please come home, O my Beloved; carry me across the treacherous world-ocean. Without You, I am not worth even a shell.

 Now see what words have been chosen. Come into my house, Guru Nanak Dev ji says without you I am not even worth half a shell. Guru’s Sikh without God, without Guru Sahib, you will not even be worth half a shell. Today on Vaisakhi day pay attention to the shabad in Tukhari. My Guru Gobind Singh ji greatly blessed us. I would like to make one or two requests. Yesterday Bhai Sahib ji talked about Bhai Mati Daas ji. When on the land of Anandpur Sahib an appeal was made, to which Guru Tegh Bahadar ji responded with the words: (using the words of Bhai Ram Narayan Singh dardi (an elderly poet) ) (see below)

When Guru Sahib was approached… I make the point that Anandpur Sahib is our birth place, requests are heard in Anandpur Sahib. When Hinduism was in danger, at no other place other than Anandpur Sahib could the Hindu Pandits’ pleas be heard. On that day they came to Anandpur Sahib and made their plea. Five Singh’s accompanied Guru Sahib from Anandpur Sahib, but no Kashmiri pandits did. They were sent to their homes as the Singh’s went to greet death. Guru ji responded:

Paatshah bachiyo gharee jaavo. Sir dey key sath bachaavaga mai(n)

 Hindu dharam dey bujh rey deevey andhar tael aavdey louh da paahaga mai(n)

paiya desh deeya jarra vich lohu apna, bharat baarash varsda phal reya hai

Hindu mandira dey deevia vich hun vee lohu Tegh Bahadar da bal raya hai (@ 51:00)

Dhan Guru Tegh  Bahadar ji gave their life to allow deevai (oil lamps) to burn in Hindu Mandir’s today. That individual that’s blood fuels those dimming lamps, how can their house’s lamp ever be dimmed? It will never do so. They set off from Anandpur Sahib, and made their way to Chandni Chownk Delhi, and obtained martyrdom here. We sometimes use the word ‘kalam’ (cut) so we say “sir  kalam karna” (to cut ones head) they went to Chandni Chownk and Sahib Guru Tegh Bahadar ji was to be made shaheed. The jalaad (executor) had fully sharpened his sword, three sikhs were made shaheed in front of Guru ji prior to this. Whilst the executor sharpened his sword, Guru Tegh Bahadar ji laughed and said the following “remember one thing,”my name is Tegh (taken from the language Farsi) Bahadar, which doesn’t only mean that I can use a sword bravely, but if the time should come, I am also able to take a blow.” The Executor replied “your head will be separated from your body.”

What an amazing word is “kalam” what a deep word it is – “Kalam karna” (to cut) when they said your head will be cut, they didn’t acknowledge that a kalam (quill pen) doesn’t write history until it is kalam (cut) with a knife. Once that quill pen is cut it writes history that  remains for hundreds of years, so that Guru’s head that you wish to cut, mark my words for hundreds of years Sikhs will read about it with dedication and devotion. That cut head has made history.

Another thing, we use the word “kalam” when a rose is cut and then we bury it to allow another plant to grow from it, that plant that you have cut within a matter of time will create another one just like it. Something that is cut blossoms, it does not lessen. Sahib Guru Tegh Bahadar ji are sitting in Chandni Chownk, the sword is being prepared. To describe that moment someone used the words that when Guru ji looked piercingly at the executor and sent a message to Aurangzeb “your trying to sharpen this sword in order to instil fear within me, but listen carefully to my words. I am Tegh, you too take out your sword. Test one, two or a hundred swords. The word “Tegh”  Guru ji created an Khalsa

Mai hai Tegh tha kadleh tegh toohee

ik do nee parkhleh sou tegha

minoo lakhab a tegh bahadaree da

mere saavey nee sakhdeea hor tegha

mai tha janamdeya tehga dee shaa maanee

dekh bapoo deeya peneeya dou tegha

mere pitha dee arkh bahadaree they

raya parkh na there bhiou tegha

hun vee vekhenga ounday bhavikh andar

mere puthar ney vouneeya ou tegha

oudee tegh vicho jihree tegh nikloo

lakha laygee tereeya khou tegha (@52:)

That Sword of Guru Gobind Singh ji will snatch a hundred thousand of your swords. Guru Tegh Bahadar ji’s son Gobind Rai took out Their sword in Anandpur Sahib but Amrit was prepared with a khanda (double edged sword). Guru Sahib asked for heads whilst wielding a sword not a khanda. They unsheathed Their sword and asked for five heads- Bhai Daya Raam, Bhai Dharm Chand, Bhai Himmat Chand, Bhai Moukam Chand and Bhai Sahib Chand. These five beloved Sikh’s of the Guru stood up and Guru Sahib took their heads.

Guru Sahib is allpowerful, so there should be no questioning or doubts as to how this was possible. When Guru Sahib took their heads They said I wish to give you Sahibee (leadership) Remember Sahibee is given to those whose feet are kissed by victory. From Guru Sahibs Sahibzade learn how to obtain fathe (victory) and from the panj piyaare (five beloved ones) how to obtain leadership. If  you want to obtain victory you can’t be darpokal (fearful?) but you have to be Ajeet (invincible). If you want fathe (victory) then you need to be joojanvala (willing to sacrifice oneself) If you want fathe then you must be strong, and note this, if you have the virtues Ajeet, (invicible) Juhjar (fearless fighter) and Joravar (mighty) then you will obtain fathe (victory). One who is daiyaloo (compassionate), dharam vich parthak hovai (strong in their faith), Himmat noo bava banakey gaa thurey (with great courage) moukam noo naal lay key thuray (move forward with steadfast and determination) they obtain sahibee (leadership). And to one who obtains leadership Guru ji says:

      ouh thaakur mai ous kaa chaeraa |

He is the master, I am the servant

This katha can be found at:



Holla Mohalla

(By Bhai Pinderpal Singh ji)

Katha recorded on Holla Mohalla day.

In Hindustan many days are celebrated that coincide with specific seasons. For example Basant (the coming of Spring) is greeted with excitement. The cold lessens, and the heat is bearable. Flower scents spread in all directions and new flowers start to grow. Wherever Mustard fields grow they make the ground look like it’s been covered by a  yellow sheet.

Guru Nanak Dev ji say in their baani, that in basant all creatures become happy as new things grow, and the whole world flourishes, but basant is truly beautiful only for those who have love for baani in their hearts. For those who haven’t had that kirpa, are burning inside even in basant.

 Mehalaa 2

Second Mehl:

Naanak Thinaa Basanth Hai Jinh Ghar Vasiaa Kanth

O Nanak, it is the spring season for those, within whose homes their Husband Lord abides.

Jin Kae Kanth Dhisaapuree Sae Ahinis Firehi Jalanth ||2||

But those, whose Husband Lord is far away in distant lands, continue burning, day and night. ||2||

Holi is such another celebrated occasion. In order to explain why Holla Mohalla came to exist, we need to first discuss the festival of Holi. When we look at Guru Granth Sahib ji’s baani and at the history of Hindusim we can see that in the house of Harnaakash Prehlaad was born.

Bhai Gurdas ji narrates:

Ghari Haranaakhas Dait Day Kalari Kavalu Bhagatu Prahilaadu.
Prahlad, the saint, was born in the house of demon (king) Haranakhas like a lotus is born in the alkaline (barren) land.

How did such a precious flower like Prehlaad grow in the house of someone like Harnakhash? Baani tells us that Harnakash had some kamai (kamai usually refers to amount of meditation a person has devoted time in, including in past lives), which after a lot of thought  he used to obtain the wish that death would not come near him. Being granted this wish he made it a rule that in his village only his praises would be heard and sang, not God’s. However his son Prehlaad disagreed and said Raam (God) should be praised that is everywhere, and who can make and destroy thousands more like his father, Harnakash.

Simarai Man Vichi Raam Naam Gaavai Sabadu Anaahadu Naadu.
Prahlad would remember the name of Ram in his heart and outwardly also he would eulogise the Lord.

Harnakhash became worried that like Prehlaad other people might reject praising him, little did he know that it would start within his own home. Harnakhash thought as Prehlaad was just a child he didn’t  have much understanding. So he would send him to school and where he could be taught to repeat his name, as the other children did. He thought by surrounding him with children that praised him, Prehlaad too would be influenced by them. According to Gurbaani in Bhagat Naamdevji’s baani, two teachers were appointed to teach Prehlaad they were called ‘Sanda’  and ‘Amarak’. Harnakhash instructed them to take his son to school and teach him that there is no Raam naam but only Harnakhash.

Guru Granth Sahib tells us that the first day he attended school, on his slate was written “jaley Harnakhash thaley Harnakhash.” Prehlaad put down the slate and said if you want to teach me anything, teach me about God, I only know Raam’s name, write that on my slate. Bhagat Prehlaad ji was sat with other children to recite “Harnakhash” however Bhagat ji stood and said don’t be so naive “Harnakhash was born and will die, he is/cannot be God. If you want to praise someone praise God who will never die and isn’t born.”

He started reciting Raam’s name, and the other children followed. When Prehlaad returned home Harnakhash asked his teachers for their feedback. The teachers replied “forget trying to get him to recite your name, he caused all the other children to stop reciting your name also. We have no way to attach him to your praises.”

sanddaa marakaa jaae pukaarae |
Sanda and Marka went and complained to Harnaakhash,

parrai nehee ham hee pach haarae |
“Your son does not read his lessons. We are tired of trying to teach him. (ang 1165)

The second attempt was through Prehlaad’s mother who on seeing her husbands anger sat Prehlaad in her laps and said “why don’t you praise your father who owns so much land, and has so much wealth?” Prehlaad replied “you are my mother, but remember there is no space for anybody else in my heart but God.

basudhaa bas keenee sabh raajae binathee karai pattaraanee |
“Your father the king has conquered the whole world”, said his mother the queen.

pooth prehilaadh kehiaa nehee maanai thin tho aourai thaanee |2|
“O Prahlad my son, you do not obey him, so he has decided to deal with you in another way.”||2||

dhusatt sabhaa mil manthar oupaaeiaa karaseh aoudh ghanaeree |
The council of villians met and resolved to send Prahlaad into the life hereafter.

gir thar jal juaalaa bhai raakhiou raajaa raam maaeiaa faeree |3|
Prahlaad was thrown off a mountain, into the water, and into a fire, but the Sovereign Lord God saved him, by changing the laws of nature. ||3||

kaat kharrag kaal bhai kopiou mohi bathaao j thuhi raakhai |
Harnaakhash thundered with rage and threatened to kill Prahlaad. “”Tell me, who can save you?””

peeth peethaabar thribhavan dhanee thanbh maahi har bhaakhai |4|
Prahlaad answered, “”The Lord, the Master of the three worlds, is contained even in this pillar to which I am tied.””||4||

haranaakhas jin nakheh bidhaariou sur nar keeeae sanaathaa |
The Lord who tore Harnaakhash apart with His nails proclaimed Himself the Lord of gods and men.

kehi naamadhaeo ham narehar dhiaaveh raam abhai padh dhaathaa |5|3|9|
Says Naam Dayv, I meditate on the Lord, the Man-lion, the Giver of fearless dignity. ||5||3||9||

When all methods failed and no one was able to persuade him and Prehlaad still refused, Harnakhash instructed his companions to throw Prehlaad off the mountain to be killed. Once thrown off the mountain the land cushioned him like a mother cradles her child. He did not die like this. Another attempt was made to kill him, so he was then thrown from a boat to be drowned, but again he remained unharmed.

Bhai Vich Chalehi Lakh Dhareeaao
In the Fear of God, thousands of rivers flow.

Now back to Holi, Harnakhash had a sister called Holika who praised Shiv ji, through her worship she obtained the boon that fire could not harm her. Harnakhash sat his son in his sister’s laps and set a fire to try and burn him, however Holika was burned alive and Prehlaad was again unharmed. (These  stories are specifically in Gurbani)

Thaathee Vaao N Lagee Paarabreham Saranaaee
On all four sides I am surrounded by the Lord’s Circle of Protection; pain does not afflict me, O Siblings of Destiny. ||1||

After this day that Holika burnt, every year fires are lit on this day and the ashes spread by air, signifying that truth prevailed and was saved, whereas the one attached to the world was killed.

In different places Holi is celebrated in different ways. Some throw colour at each other, others celebrate through burning. Guru Granth Sahib ji tells us that people have forgotten the true essence of the festival and have become too occupied in other rituals. They are living as slaves, they don’t remember God. If you really wish to throw colour I’ll tell you which colour to throw.

Guru Nanak Dev ji tells us no one is uncoloured, the difference is some are coloured transitory and some are coloured permanently. Let’s pray that we are blessed with the charan dhoorr of those coloured with Gods permanent love.

kaaeiaa ra(n)n(g)an jae thheeai piaarae paaeeai naao majeet(h) ||
If the body becomes the dyer’s vat, O Beloved, and the Name is placed within it as the dye,

ra(n)n(g)an vaalaa jae ra(n)n(g)ai saahib aisaa ra(n)g n ddeet(h) ||2||
and if the Dyer who dyes this cloth is the Lord Master – O, such a color has never been seen before! ||2||

Literal definition of Holla Mohalla:

Holla – Farsi for Hamla/place of Hamla (battle)

Mohalla – Arabic for ‘thaa’ (place)

Holla Mohalla – place where hamla (battle) is done

According to Kahn Singh Nabha Guru Gobind Singh ji started Holla Mohalla as a means to teach shastar vidiya (knowledge of war/weaponary) to the sikhs. Why were shastar (weaopns) needed? Dhan Guru Hargobind Singh ji wore two kirpana (swords). When Guru Arjan Dev ji was sat on the thathee thavee (hot plate), Guru Ji was asked, where is your voice now? Guru Ji said, you wish to silence me now by sitting me amongst these flames, but when the time comes and Hargobind takes up his sword no one will have the courage to challenge him. I’d just like to make another point here, not only Chandoo was to blame for Guru ji’s shaheedi. Jahangir, Prithi Chand, Sheikh Ahmed Bukaari (also known as Murtja Khan) all played a part in it. When you go to Fatehgar, the kabbar (grave) of the person responsible for Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s shaheedi (martydon), is still there in the maseet (mosque)

So the question arises why are shastar worn? The answer is given by Bhai Gurdas Ji. Bhai Sahib says, this is natural principle, a rule of the world.. When a farmer plants valuable  fruits in the field, around the four sides he also plants thorns. If the farmer is asked, why are the thorns planted, his response would be that it is extremely necessary to do this so that animals would not come into the field and desecrate the valuable fruits.

For the same reason, Guru Hargobind Ji wore shastar to protect the beautiful flower of Sikhi as planted by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, from the animal minded people that want to destroy it.

Bhai Gurdas ji’s in their Vaars wrote the following about Guru Hargobind Ji carrying shastar:

khaethee vaarr s tingaree kikar aas paas jio baagai|
Around the agricultural field the bushes are kept as fence and around the garden acacia trees (for its safety) are planted.

sap palaettae channanai boohae jandhaa kuthaa jaagai|
The sandalwood tree is entwined by snakes and for the safety of treasure the lock is used and the do also remains awake. (panna 26)

Just as one keeps a dog in front of the door to guard a house, shastar are needed to keep Sikhi guarded.

Come, let’s move forward. People never stopped committing sinful actions. When Guru Tegh Bahadar ji gave shaheedi Guru Gobind Singh ji was in Anandpur Sahib. Guru ji was approached and told that they were being prohibited from carrying out religious rituals.  Times had become so bad, Hinduism was diminishing. Guru Tegh Bahadar ji gave them hope, and said those deevey (oil lamps) they are trying to put out, if required I will give my own blood to fuel them. I will not allow them to be put out. Guru Tegh Bahadar ji’s blood is fuelling those deevey to this day.

After Guru Tegh Bahadar ji’s shaheedi, Bhai Jetha ji brought their sees (head) to  Guru Gobind Singh ji who did namaskaar (bowed down) to their father’s sees (pronounced “cease”). A short time after on the first day of  the month Chet, Guru ji gathered the Sikhs and said now is not a time to be throwing colours or water on one another. Day and night injustices are occurring, pick up  your weapons and train yourselves to fight and defend yourselves. Holla Mohalla is a time to practice shastar vidiya. Bhai Nand Lal ji says Satguru Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaaj in your hand is the blessed water squirter filled with only love for naam and Amrit rang (immortal nectar) (@29:45). That individual whose inside is not coloured please cleanse them internally with this pichkari (water gun) you hold colour them with love for naam. In your hand is such grace, that when these blessings leave your hands the sky and land wherever you sit is coloured with the love of naam. On this day that the sangath had gathered, on the day that Holla Mohalla was started Gobind Singh ji removed their kirpaan from its sheath and established a place which is called Holgar.

Establishing the place the sikhs were split onto two groups. One side were instructed to attack a place whilst the other defended. This was used as a way to practice – the side that won were given siropa’s by Guru Gobind Singh ji in front of all the sangath. Let’s sit in sangath and colour our inside with God’s love on Hola Mohalla.

On removing their kirpan Guru ji said the following shabad:

Sree Kaal Jee Kee Ausatti
The Eulogy of the Revered Death (KAL)

Khaga Khaanda Bihaandaan Khala Dala Khaandaan At(i) Rana Maandaan Bara Baandaan
The sword chops well, chops the forces of fools and this mighty one bedecks and glorifies the battlefield.

Bhuja Daanda Akhaandaan Teja Parachaandaan Jot(i) Amaandaan Bhaana Parabhaan
It is the unbreakable staff of the arm, it has the powerful lustre and its light even bedims the radiance of the sun

Sukha Saantaa Karanaan Duramt(i) Daranaan Kilabikha Haranaan Asi Saranaan
It brings happiness to the saints, mashing the vicious ones, it is the destroyer of sins and I and under its refuge.

Jai Jai Jaga Kaarna Sarisatti Aubaarna Mama Parat(i)paarna Jai Tegaan ॥2॥
Hail, hail to the cause of the world, saviour of the universe, it is my preserver, I hail its victory. 2

On the day of Holla Mohalla Guru ji said:

Asa Karipaana Khaando Kharhaga Tupaka Tabara Aru Teera ॥ Saipha Sarohee Saihathee Yahai Hamaari Peera ॥3॥
As, Kripan (sword), Khanda, Khadag (sword), Tupak (gun), Tabar (hatched), Teer (arrow), Saif (sword), Sarohi and Saihathi, all these are our adorable seniors.3.

On this day Guru ji said:

That person that doesn’t carry shastar, see him as a goat who can be dragged anywhere from the ear by whoever wishes.

Ehe mor ageya suno tum peyare bina kes tegan devon na deedarey
It is my order listen to it that I will not give my darshan to one who is without hair and sword(teg)

Kahn Singh Nabha though they said that Holla Mohalla was to practice weaponry training, sadly we are forgetting how to use them, and not continuing to uphold the tradition. However it is important to remember that we shouldn’t use them to scare others, but to protect and fight injustices.

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